Cade Stories


We’ve been in Alabama for over a month and Cade will be 14 months old the beginning of July, yeesh! So I figured I’d post a general update on shennanigans. 🙂

The only word Cade says is still “Yes” although he is becoming more judicious with its use instead of just saying it indiscriminately. We play a game where I hold him and ask him “Are you a stinker?!” And if he answers yes he gets tossed in the air and if he shakes his head no he gets a squeeze and kisses. A lot of giggling is involved, so I don’t know if it’s really helping him or if it’s just fun. 🙂

He made his first sign yesterday: Milk. 😀 I’ve been rather remiss teaching him sign  and some days I remember to do it a lot more than others. I did it steadily for a week or two and then it became hit or miss since he didn’t seem interested, most of the time not even looking at me while I was talking. BUT! Now that he’s signing for milk (and boy howdy did I make it a big deal when he did) he’s watching me sign more intently so hopefully we’re on to something. The pointing and wailing thing is frustrating for both of us, so I am hoping sign will bridge the gap until he feels like talking.

He may not TALK, but he does understand. I can ask him to bring me something (Cade, can you get me your big blue ball?) and I don’t have to point. He’ll find whatever it is and bring it back to me, all smiles. He also responds readily to “outside” (he’ll run to the door or point out a window), “naptime” (he’ll either go to his room, or more likely just lay his head down on me for a few seconds), “milk” (he makes the sign and points to the kitchen and if in the kitchen-at the refrigerator), “pool” (big smiles, some clapping, lets me take his clothing off, and will actually stay calm on the car ride). I know he understands more than that, but it’s hard to “test” his understanding because he’s non verbal.

Cute things he does include running to find a spoon or other utensil any time I start preparing him food. He won’t eat unless he has one, regardless of what I’m feeding him. One day he eagerly ran into the kitchen clutching his shovel. I guess he was hungry?

He also will stop whatever he is doing when we are outside and look up if he hears a helicopter. I mean, instant stop. Once he spots it, he points and follows it until it disappears. It is so cute! I think his second word may end up being “Chinook” because those are his favorites to find (and the only one mommy is 100% positive she’s identifying correctly every time, haha). He gets a huge open mouthed grin on his face when one of those fly overhead.

He  likes to “help” with the laundry by pulling wet clothing out of the washer and putting them in the dryer. I just open both doors and let him have at it, cheering him on until he grows bored. When he’s done he’ll even shut the dryer door. So funny.

We spend almost every day at the pool, weather and health permitting, and he has gotten very comfortable in the water. He’ll get his chin and nose wet voluntarily, and sometimes he’ll faceplant in the shallow end and then look up and smile. He likes to crawl in the shallow end where it is deep enough to just have his head above the water and his butt bobs up and down in the current. Still working on keeping him from drinking the water, sigh, although mostly he just spits it back out. He likes playing on the ladder in the deep end, and having me hold him under his chest and “swim” him around in the water. He lets his feet float out behind him and he bobs his face into the water every once in awhile. He’s not “quite” as resistant to being on his back as he was initially, but that is still a slow going work in progress.

One side effect of all this pool time, however, I discovered after one of the afternoon thunderstorms that happen almost daily. I took him outside to pass some time before dinner and he promptly found a mud puddle, squatted down on his haunches, and plunged his face into it. Sigh.

Still working on “no biting” which is tough, because half the time he bites he isnt trying to bite-he’s trying to blow bubbles on my leg/arm/shoulder and his teeth get in the way. Other times, it is deliberate and I can tell. It got better for a bit, but now he’s teething again and I feel like we’re back at square one. “Gentle” is another command we struggle with, for every “gentle” pet he gives Remus there are 20 instances of enthusiastic smacking or painful grabbing and yanking. Poor Remus. Cade is also a hair puller, which drives mommy crazier than the biting, so I’m getting my long hair chopped off this Saturday in hopes that’ll help at least keep the instances a little less frequent.

One thing I’ve tried when he yanks or pinches is “Time Out” for his hands. I hold both of his hands and repeat, “Hands are in Time Out. We don’t *fill in blank*.” I’ll hold his hands for 30 seconds to a full minute (which is a long time for a toddler, haha) and it seems to be helping….slooooowwwlllyy. After time out I’ll then give him something he CAN beat or smack or yank, but I don’t encourage the activity and praise him excessively if he’s “gentle” with Remus or my poor hair. At least, I hope it’s helping. It may just be helping mommy stay patient since I feel like I’m DOING something to correct the problem instead of tolerating his behavior.

Oh, and the little booger has figured out how to pry out the safety covers on the plug outlets. Boy is he proud of himself when he does it, too. Oy.

Mommy milestones include-making blueberry sourcream coffee cake for the first time (so good!). Mastering the non-velveeta or american cheese grilled cheese (I use thinly sliced extra sharp cheddar, a huge hit with Cade). And I shaved my legs this week (maybe TMI, but seriously with a toddler and a pregnancy belly, being awake and flexible enough during my evening shower to manage this was a pretty big deal, haha).


So there you go. That’s mostly what we’re up to these days. 🙂


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