Let Me Rest


Teaming up with AtlantaMomofThree for another Weekend Writing Prompt! This one actually turned into an exercise in editing. I had 500+ words I had to pare down to 200 or less to meet the requirements, and yeesh did it take me awhile. A very good challenge, though. This one is the opposite end of the spectrum from my last one, but for whatever reason this is what popped into my head when viewing the photo prompt and that IS the point of this whole exercise.

Weekend Writing Rest



The husband inclines the brown speckled dome of his head, “She’s in the bedroom.”

The firefighters are moving her to the floor; her eyes glazed slits, her powdery skin warm from the blankets.

She’s gone.

I mentally apologize to the frail woman who has finally escaped the diseases plaguing the last years of her life.The spongy crackling of ribs pop under the firefighter’s hands. With ease of practice my partner slides a tube into her airway. The IV site infiltrates. I grab the IO drill and drive the needle through the bone. Secure. Rhythm check-still Asystole. Fluids. Drugs. CPR…

In minutes, we have transformed the gentle passing of life into a macabre theater of tubes and needles. Her husband stands in the doorway with fatigue stamped on his features.

Time passes.

I turn to the husband, “I am sorry. There is nothing more we can do.” He nods once, “It was her time.” A firefighter gently pulls the pieces of night shirt back over her chest..

Back in the truck, I toss my gloves in the trash and scrub my eyes. “I’m signing a DNR when I turn fifty.” I grumble to my partner. “When I die-just let me rest.”


Image Credit: Jim Blob Blann via photopin cc


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  1. Great job scaling it down! That had to have been hard!
    And even though none of us like thinking about dying and such, you’re right – I want to be left alone after a certain point. :/


    • I honestly hadn’t thought about it much at all until I became a medic. Then, after I don’t know how many codes later on elderly people who had died in their sleep, I realized it bothered me to do all these “interventions” instead of just letting them rest. And on the very rare occassions we got a pulse back the individuals were usually hooked up to a respirator and brain dead and then the family had to pull the plug. I know for me and my family, I’d much prefer a calmer passing if I make it to old age. The thought of this type of scenario happening to my grandma, for example, just makes me sad.


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