Things I Want to Remember


Yes, this is another post mostly about Cade. This age has it’s trying moments, so I want to take a moment and jot down a few Cade stories and quirks that I love about the here and now.

The way he walks. Little man is just a wee bit pigeon toed still. Just enough that when he really gets moving his hips wiggle and bounce and his arms flail out to the side. I love it.

His tantrums. No, seriously. Its true Im not always in the mood to be patient, but most of the time the dramatic way he flings himself on the ground and rolls around, purple faced and wailing (with no tears, I might add) over things like-mommy wont give me the steak knife. Or, my oatmeal is too hot. Or, I finished all my milk and there is no more left. I’ve tried all sorts of concillatory tactics, but the best thing is just to wait them out-and this is where it gets funny. So I continue doing chores while he wails, and when I calmly move to another room the wails will suddenly stop with a grumpy sounding huff. Silence. The pitter patter of feet as he hauls himself off the floor to find me again. And I sneak a peak at him as he looks for me, his face perfectly calm, until he spots me and the bottom lip comes out and he runs toward me wailing again to fling himself at my feet. It makes me laugh again and again, my little drama king. He comes by it honestly…



His affinity for mud. He loves mud puddles and dirt and everything outdoors. He is coated with good, honest muck at least once a day-usually twice.


The way he will rip tons of berries off the holly bush (but no longer attempts to eat them, hallelujah) and then with grave dignity run to where I am usually sitting in the carport and hand me two. Always two. One in each fist. He may yank off twenty, but he only ever brings me two.

Those nights when Im putting him down to sleep and hes so tired he doesnt even bother bracing himself. He’s a belly sleeper, so I lower him into the crib one hand between his legs and the other under his chest. Some nights he’ll put his arms out and tuck his knees to land on all fours. But my favorite nights he leaves his hands balled into fists pressed against his eyes in a limp, sleepy plank and I have to lower him all the way down and slip my hands out from under him. He doesn’t even twitch.

How he stops whatever he is doing to look for a helicopter if he hears one and then point and track it across the sky. If it’s flying low (and thus louder) he has to run to wherever I am before turning and emphatically pointing. Along the same lines, the way I know without even looknig if the helicopter is a Chinook because he grins and smiles and bounces like it’s Christmas morning.

chinook(That’s not a bug, it’s a chinook flying high.)

I love how Cade will bring me a book to read and has started pointing at the pictures. Then he’ll grab it from me and flip through the pages himself. We “read” a lot of books throughout the day.

Today I asked Cade to show daddy his “lizard face” and he obligingly stuck his tongue in and out rapidly a few times. Even Brian had to laugh at that. 🙂

My little man also loves to “water” the plants. He doesnt always manage to have any water in what ever vessel he’s using, but he dutifully hauls it down the sidewalk to my Christmas cactus and pours it out. If there IS any water, it usually ends up on the concrete because his aim isnt very good. It is so cute to watch him march to his water table, dunk his coffee pot/milk jug/measuring cup, and then turn oh so carefully and try to make it back to the cactus without spilling. It keeps him occupied for awhile everyday.

There are definitely some frustrating things about this stage, but the good things vastly outweigh the bad. 🙂

In other news, Zane is cheerfully pummelling my insides pretty much 24/7. He is riding higher than Cade did, which actually makes this pregnancy more uncomfortable because I feel like I can’t bend at all. But it’s all good. I’ll be 28 weeks this coming Sunday, hello 3rd trimester! I am getting super excited about Zane’s arrival, I can’t wait to meet him. 🙂


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