Pregnant Mommy Brain


To the tune of “Matchmaker” from The Fiddler on the Roof.

“Wipe snatcher, wipe snatcher, snatch me a wipe!
At least three or four,
My poops getting ripe!
Unsnap my onsie and grab a fresh diap’
My buns are in need of a wipe!

For Papa, snatch out at least twenty
For Mama, just a few will be fine
For me, well, if we’re not talking diapers
I’ll snatch out the lot if I get the time!

Wipe snatcher, wipe snatcher, snatch me a wipe!
Make sure they’re warm
Cold is not my type
If you interrupt play I’ll put up a fight
You’d better be quick with the wipe!”

An oldie, but a goodie-to the tune of “Silver Bells”

“Soggy buns….soggy buns….it’s time to chaaange your diaper.

Wipe ’em down…..air ’em out….it’s time to change soggy buns!”

This is my brain on sleep deprivation and pregnancy hormones. I break out into random songs with substitute lyrics over just about everything. Cade attemped to stab a piece of zucchinni bread at lunch which inspired an impromptue verse of “What if I crumble” (What if I stumble-DC Talk)  and I realized I should probably write these down just to laugh at later.


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