Drawing a Blank


Ok, actually I’m not drawing a complete blank, I have several blog posts on various topics from microwave toddler friendly recipes to musings on why some parents are terrified of my parenting style, but I end up getting bored or frustrated with them before I finish so they’re currently cluttering up my posts page. C’est la vie.

To break my brief blogging silence, Im just going to jot down a few arbitrary things on here and try to keep myself from expounding too much.

1. I have three unheard voicemails on my phone! The little tape symbol just sits at the top of my screen and I smile at it fondly. I have no intention of checking those messages and I’m actaully wondering if disabling my mailbox is possible. Seriously people, TEXT if you want me to get the information. I dont have to listen to an automated voice take me through a touch button process and enter a stupid password to read a text message. Even my hairsalon texts me a reminder of my appt instead of calling.

2. My lack of voicemail checking drives my mildy OCD husband crazy, lol. Speaking of OCD, he is currently going through all of our digital photos and deleting doubles, sorting, that sort of thing. He has even mentioned that it’s sort of addicting.

3. Cade’s top molars have broken through and his bottom ones are peeking through on a few cornors. His gums are red, inflammed, and often bleeding. 😦 Hes a bit clingy and fussy (understatement of the year).

4. He pees through his night time diaper without fail. Triple stuffing charcoal bamboo inserts or disposables it doesn’t matter, he wakes up with pee on his pjs at his waist.

5. We put him down with his blanket finally (no more sneaking in to lay it on him when he falls asleep woohoo)! Even Brian mentioned he’s pretty adorable with his blanket snuggling antics at bedtime and naps. 🙂

6. I’m 33 weeks and 2 days preggo with Zane! Aaaaand as of this morning I’m pretty sure he’s dropped. I had my suspicions on Sunday with the mysterious disappearance of heartburn, then after more birth ball bouncing and a visit to the chiropractor Monday (which was amazing btw) Zane has decided to go south. I am loving the lack of indegestion and heartburn, but the low pelvic punches are a bit uncomfortable.

7. There are all kinds of grammatical errors surrounding tenses in the above paragraph but I don’t feel like trying to correct them. Laziness for the win!

8. Cade signed “more” this afternoon. He then proceeded to eat 4.5 mini corn dogs and a bread and butter sandwhich….they do stop when they’re full right?!

9. Cade also gave me quite the adreneline rush this morning when he tackled going down another slide on the playground by himself. We’ve mastered the small slide and the tube slide, but I’ve still managed to squeeze my pregnant self in with him when going down the tall, twisty slide. Well not today! Today he faked me out, acting like he was going to go down the tube slide and instead climbed up to the twisty slide platform and instead of waiting he sat right down and scooted himself off. He hasn’t figured out how to keep his feet up so that he can slide down smoothly, so of course he catches a foot, rolls forward-sideways I don’t even KNOW on his way down and then splooshes to a halt at the foot of the slide in the giant puddle left by last night’s storm. Flat on his back, one leg cocked over the edge of the slide, arms sprawled and head against the inside. He makes a funny little grunt, grins at me, and then proceeds to flop around to get himself out of the water. Zane was doing backflips with the amount of adreneline coursing through my veins. Yeeshkabunga.

10. Cade has a new friend named Max. Max is the little boy my doula nannies and he’s about 6 weeks older than Cade. Watching them play together is really cute since Cade and Max actually play WITH each other instead of parrallel or simply observing. I love it. And I think it’s really helping Cade learn new things since Max does things differently than Cade. And they “talk” to each other so maybe we’ll get some new words, eh? Eh?

11. Speaking of new words, Cade understands most of everything we say now and interacts appropriately. He doesn’t always OBEY if we ask him to do something, but sometimes he’ll even shake his head at us before continuing to do whatever he was doing before we interrupted him with our silly request. However, Brian and I are at a loss sometimes as to what CADE is trying to say which leads to some pretty epic tantrums. Sigh. This same child will woof at dogs and whistles (yes, WHISTLES!) at birds, but saying things like “Mommy” “Daddy” and “Cereal” just arent worth his time. I thought he was briefly saying, “Hot” when I’d put hot food down for him, but now he just blows on it to cool it down without saying anything. Stinker!

12. The real issue is, if Cade can get it or do it himself he will, so he sees no need to narrate his actions. And if he CAN’T get it he is very expressive and good at indicating what he wants, so he sees no need to branch out and verbalize. Unfortunately, the gestures game is becoming less and less reliable as his needs and wants become more and more specific. Oh sure, he’ll pat his belly when he’s hungry but whether he wants cereal, cheese, or oatmeal is totally up for grabs.

13. Just finished watching “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” today and I really enjoyed it! It was definitely a little long for my attention span, but I think I’d watch it again. A lot better than “A Fistful of Dollars” blech.

14. Cade gives hugs. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I asked him this morning while he was running around playing if he’d “come give mommy a hug” and he ran up to me with a huge smile and wrapped his arms around my neck. 🙂 🙂 I love his hugs (much safer than his kisses which sometimes have too much, um, bite).

15. I’m going to a “Moms Night Out” event hosted by a group I’m a member of on facebook at Outback tonight. Brian will have to watch Cade for an hour and a half before bedtime, yikes! ….I’m really excited though, haha, I cant wait to actually meet some of the moms I’ve been talking to online for the past few weeks.

Aaaaand nap time is over. Adios!


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