A Soggy Sort of Crunch


I think I’ve posted about being “crunchy” before, but I’m too lazy to look up the exact post. I KNOW I have posted about mommy wars and the various stances on how to parent your children. This is just a brief synopsis of where I currently stand. Recently, in my crunchy mom FB group, a survey went around you could take rating your “crunchiness.” I ignored it, like I do most surveys, but it got me to thinking about how much I am naturally inclined to be a bit crunchy.

The whole crunchy vs. not crunchy thing can be a bit ridiculous (as can anything when taken to the extreme). Non crunchy people seem to think, “Ugh, look at that mom over there with her contagious, soggy diapered boob vampire strapped to her with a blanket like she’s some sort of pack mule. Probably a paleo-organic-vegan-nut job to boot.” And crunchy moms seem to think, “Ugh, look at that mom over there carting her injection traumatized socially mal adjusted future violent psychopath with his environment destroying butt cover in a grocery cart. I bet she feeds her kids formula, fast food, and TV dinners all the time, too.”

I mean, really.

I used to think I was on the fence with all this granola crunch nonsense, but a recent look at my current lifestyle has me reluctantly admitting that I am at least dangling off the fence on the crunchy side, and here’s why:

I cloth diaper, babywear, breastfed and am planning to breastfeed again, will do baby led weaning again, I have a doula for Zane’s birth, I plan to have a natural labor and delivery-which includes delayed cord clamping, skin to skin immediately after birth, and I am also (this is a biggie for me) having my placenta encapsulated (ACK! I know, so gross!! But I’m really hoping it helps with the mood swings and hormonal shifts after delivery, especially around the six month mark which is where I crashed with Cade). All of these things I’ve looked into for various reasons, some I’ve done more research on than others-like the delayed cord clamping and placenta encapsulation, and some I’ve done mostly because I find them cheap and easy (breastfeeding, cloth diapering, baby led weaning, baby wearing).

And here’s something sort of crunchy but not in a parenting type way-I’m doing the “no shampoo” thing to see if it actually works. I’m in week 3 of not shampooing my hair. I’ll write a full post about my experiment/hair adventure later, but dude, if that doesn’t knock me on over to the hippie side of the fence I don’t know what does.

There are a few things I draw the line at, such as vaccines. My children will be vaccinated, end of story. I may delay one or two, but they will get all the vaccines, and Zane will get the Vit K injection at birth.

There you have it, I’m still a bit soggy, but I’ve definitely got some crunch.


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    • Hahaha, oh there will definitely be a post explaining the greasy mess that has been my hair. I blame pinterest, it was a pin on there that got me curious…and lets face it, pregnant with a toddler-it’s not like I’m trying real hard to keep up appearances so it seemed the perfect time to experiment.


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