The Birth of Zane Felix-Part 1


This post series about Zane’s entrance into the world contains copious amounts of TMI. I had a baby. If you do not know the basic mechanics of where babies come from, you might want to read a friendlier information source before perusing this post. If you ARE aware that babies are not simply dropped off on porches by long legged birds, then I warn you this covers none of the “fun stuff” of the act of procreation, but instead focuses entirely on the culmination of the conception, pregnancy, birth process. Mainly, me
squeezing a seven pound infant out of my hooha. You have been warned.

It was an overcast, foggy sort of day. Not blistering heat like typical Alabama weather, but warm enough that I did not want to waddle my 37 weeks pregnant belly around outside chasing my son. I made pumpkin pancakes from scratch for Cade’s breakfast, Brian and I observed the moment of silence to honor 9/11 on the news and discussed how this was our generations “Pearl Harbor Day” that would be tough to explain the impact of on our offspring. After a trip to Goodwill with our wonderful neighbor, April, just to get out of the house, Cade went down for nap anf I put together a crockpot chili. I ended up sorta breaking into April’s house to borrow some ground cumin, but thankfully she didnt hold it against me and after nap I hauled Cade back over to continue our playdate.

So there we were, three adorable toddlers babbling and tumbling over the living room, April and I enjoying adult conversation in between baby antics, and suddenly I feel like I’ve peed myself. I look at her from my position on the carpet and go, “Um, I think I may be leaking. I need to borrow your bathroom.” Sure enough, I had soaked through my underwear and a little through my shorts. With some friendly laughter she watches Cade while I waddle back to my house to change, calling my friend and doula Angela on the way. Angela answers with a teasing quip about a baby coming, and I answer with, “Well, actually, I think I may be leaking, haha.” I put a pad in my underwear so I can make sure it’s amniotic fluid and not just urine, and go back to April’s. I’m not really excited at this point, mostly just a little incredulous and wondering if I’m going to have to worry about wetting my pants for the next few weeks.

Playdate is still going, I’m now sitting on the edge of April’s coffee table and we’re discussing, of all things, uh, marital relations (aka-how babies are made :P). Then there was a lot of fluid. I don’t even know what I said, but I jumped up as fast as a third trimester pregnant lady can jump and crossed my legs as amniotic fluid streamed down to my ankles. April tossed me a towel, I waddled to her bathroom again and this time she kindly provided me with a change of bottoms and a new pad. It was definitely amniotic fluid-clear with just a slight tinge of pink. My water had just broken all over my neighbor’s coffee table. Talk about solidifying a friendship…

That’s when we knew Zane was coming, without a doubt. I felt achy but wasn’t having contractions. I wanted to avoid pitocin if I could, I really wanted an all natural birth, so Angela provided me with tips to get contractions moving since clearly my body was prepping for labor one way or the other. I told Brian and he watched Cade while pretty much cleaning the entire house. I texted and called my parents and then showered while he baby sat, vacuumed everything, finished the dishes, wiped down all the counters, finished feeding Cade, and generally got all the prep done that he could for Zane’s way-earlier-than-we-were-expecting arrival.

I resorted to cutting the elastic out of Cade’s disposable night time diapers and using them for pads because my water breaking was overwhelming my pads and I went through 5 pairs of underwear in a little over an hour. I played with Cade as much as I could until his bedtime, plenty of snuggles and kisses. At one point I was sitting on the toilet with Cade standing in my lap and me sucking my thumb to stimulate one of the pressure points to get contractions going. It was a weird night, to put it mildly.

After Cade went down April volunteered to walk with me around the little circle of our neighborhood since the twins were asleep as well. So we walked, and talked, and my contractions slowly increased in intensity and frequency. We habitually tripped over a stray cat that followed us around on our circular meander, and we watched the moon rise. Angela was on her way to the house since Zane was definitely going to be arriving. It was a calm, peaceful way to start labor. Good friendship, a little bit of humor, and the perfect timing of baby sleep schedules.

To be continued.


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