Cade was 8lbs 8oz and 21 inches long. So decent sized and solid at 40 weeks 2 days gestation.

Zane was 7lbs even and 20.5 inches long (only half an inch shorter but a pound and a half lighter). So long and skinny at 37 weeks 4 days gestation.


(Zane’s the top picture, Cade’s the bottom picture. Both taken between a few days- 1 week old)

Cade hated being swaddled or sleeping on his back-still is a belly sleeper.

Zane loves being swaddled, prefers sleeping on his side, and doesnt sleep for long on his belly.

Cade hated the carseat.

Zane conks out like a champ the second I strap him in.

Cade wanted to be held all the time while sleeping.

Zane sleeps in the swing just fine.

Cade was (and is) a heat producing furnace who gets cranky when he gets too hot.

Zane actually shivers. Shivers! I have him bundled up all the time.

Cade made outrageous shrieking noises while breastfeeding.

Zane makes only the occassional squeaks while nursing BUT he snorts like a champ if I don’t feed him fast enough.

I love that Zane is only 10 days old but already so different from Cade. I am excited to see how my sons continue to develop their unique little persons.


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