Game Time!


This has nothing to do with football. Sorry, I know ’tis the season and all that, but frankly, I don’t care. Cade will be 18 months old in a little over a week. 1.5 years. Only 6 more months until I can stop ageing him in months, woohoo! Anyway, developmentally children develop in leaps and bounds, and this past month’s “leap” has been in games.

Here are the games we play:

Balancing Blocks on our Heads
Walking the Dinosaur
Spinning Until We Fall Over (A classic. Occurs several times a day)
Eating Mommy’s Feet (either when I’m eating breakfast or doing the dishes. Sometimes he just lays his head on them and giggles)
Filling Up A Cup with Dirt and Dumping it
Building Lego Towers

**numerous other games that I don’t understand the rules enough to label.**

Basically, his play is more intentional and repetative and he laughs if it goes his way and yells if he gets frustrated. There are rules; he gets mad if the right lego does not go on the tower correctly, he is not to be dissuaded from dumping his mulch in a pile *just so*, he has to finish spinning before you pick him up, etc. Best thing about games? He really gets into them so they pass the time quicker. AND I have started finding ways to include Zane in the play-yesterday we balanced blocks on Zane’s head while he did tummy time. Cade laughed everytime a block rolled off of Zane’s bobble head. Score!

I also love that he’s started really “conversing” with other children. He probably talks the most with the little girl next door-but let’s face it, she talks twice as much as her brother, Max, and Cade put together. Some stereotypes are stereotypes because there is truth to them, haha. She’ll be babbling away at Cade and he’ll suddenly start smiling and laughing and then he’ll yell back at her. It’s cute, you guys.

Alright, I gotta go, breakfast is over and Cade is trying to amputate my big toe with his teeth.


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