Trick or Treat and the Peanut Festival


I figured I’d jot down a little about halloween because, as Ive mentioned before, one of the purposes of this blog is for me to be able to look back on this part of my life. An open diary, if you will.

We went trick or treating in a neighborhood that completely shuts down traffic to allow thousands of kids to trick or treat. We parked in the huge lots behind office buildings situated prior to the neighborhood and walked over to Angela’s house. She was hosting a pre trick or treat party for her son’s soccer team and had invited us to bring Cade and Zane to trick or treat. Cade went as William Wallace from Braveheart and Zane went as a set of bagpipes. It made me laugh how many dads were appreciative of Cade’s costume. Brian had painted Cade’s face half blue with a marker and even without the kilt, he was a pretty recognizable character. He was the only Braveheart we saw, though, and with the abundance of superheros from Iron Man to Captain America and even a Green Lantern or two, I was glad I didn’t dress him up like Thor-the other option.

Cade wasn’t so impressed with the trick or treat deal and it took considerable coaxing to get him to go to the people handing out candy. He did, however, walk backwards for a stretch super impressed with himself, and also ran into some guy’s garage to check out his truck. He had very little interest in candy except as objects he could put into his orange pumpkin bag (thank you Angela!). He enjoyed carrying the bag, or rather dragging it behind him, and he loved the orange halloween lights someone had strung along a fence. Nothing fazed him-none of the masks bothered him, the spooky noises and weird lights and crazy decorations were entirely lost on him. BUT since so many of the houses went pretty all out with the decor I’m glad Cade didn’t notice. The next day Cade did manage to open up a Milky Way but he refused to bite it, he dropped it in my hand where I was nursing Zane and went back to playing with the wrapper. Goof.

Zane’s costume was a big hit and we got a lot of compliments on it and how the two costumes matched. Not gonna lie, I was kinda proud and surprised it turned out ok. I have a lot of crazy DIY ideas, a lot more then ever bears fruit, and some of the fruits produced are downright horrible (like this metaphor). So when I finally got down to making Zane’s costume I tried very hard not to get my hopes up. Basically I made the bag pipe bag out of the same plaid of Cade’s kilt and lined it with ducttape to give it shape. I then used black tape to wrap up varying lengths of PVC pipe and duct taped them to the bag. I made the chanter and reed portions out of cardboars wrapped with ducttape and attached them with, you guessed it, more ducttape. The crowning piece was a length of white cord securing the pipes and VOILA!


All in all, it was a great Halloween. 🙂

Moving on to the next order of business: The Peanut Festival. This is basically a really really big State Fair. It would’ve been a blast if Cade had been a bit older (or taller) since he was too small for even the rides in the Kiddieland side. As it was we still had a good time because there was a free petting zoo. All kinds of animals from goats to an African watusi were penned up and you could buy varying sized portions of food to coax them over. The animals were so used to getting fed that most of them crowded right by the edge of the pen anyway, so we skipped the food and just let Cade loose. Cade stuck his hand in every single pen and tried to climb in more than a few. Nothing scared him, he just wanted to be friends with all of them. He particularily liked the goats, probably because they were the most aggressive food seekers and had no qualms nibbling at his hands or sticking their heads out through the slats of the pen.


He loved it. Several people commented on how fearless he was, especially with the afore mentioned watusi which was sporting some rather large horns on her head.


The only animal not interested in treats was the camel, but Cade was not to be deterred and tried to climb in to say hello. We got him away from that pen and he attempted the same maneuver with the llamas.



For the zoo alone the trip was worth it, but Cade also got to inspect some John Deere equipment.


And he enjoyed holding hands and walking around. We didn’t even bother going to the side with all the big rides, so we covered only a very small portion of the Festival, but Cade enjoyed himself and Zane slept through the entire thing. The drive back was rough due to the traffic and Zane waking up hungry, but we made it home in one piece. I’d love to revisit the fair when the kids are older. 🙂

So there you have it, Halloween and the Peanut Festival.


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