Z man


An update all about Zane. 🙂

Two months old tomorrow. Two months! And his little person is moving right along. He’s rolled over now 8-9 times that I’m aware of, from belly to back. I get about two rolls out of him on tummy time and then he just gets grumpy if I flip him back over-or he falls asleep. He’s putting on the pounds and stretching on out- his last visit had him in the 90th percentile for length and 12.4lbs. I think most of the weight is in his cheeks -the ones on his face, hes got a skinny butt…although I did recently have to resize the snaps on his cloth diapers. He is socially smiling now, and making all kinds of cute noises.

I love his smiles. Cade was such a happy, easy to please, ear to ear grinning baby, Zane is subtler. Zane is a bit more particular-he dislikes being in a dirty diaper, for example, whereas Cade didn’t care-and his smiles sort of sneak up on you. He’ll just be staring around and then he suddenly makes eye contact and the corner of his mouth twitches a bit and slips into a sweet little grin. If you keep encouraging him it sometimes spread to an open mouth smile with cooing, but not always. Sometimes it’s just a grin that doesn’t quite dissappear when he turns his head away to keep looking at the world. His coos are also softer, and he doesn’t seem quite as interested in making funny sounds.

Speaking of sounds, he has his daddy’s annoyance with loud noises. Zane wakes up and reacts to every shriek, bang, and yell that Cade emits. It makes breastfeeding a bit more awkward as a sudden noise will make Zane yank off the nipple and leave me hanging out there dripping milk everywhere. Sometimes he’lleven scrunch his face up and whine a little like, “moooooommmmm, make him stoooooppp!” Sorry, kid, your dad and I have been working on Cade’s inside voice for months with no progress.

I can’t explain all the uniqueness of Zane. His movements are different, how he watches the world is different, his cries are definitely different. For the first three weeks he sounded like a goat-no joke!-when he cried. It was a warbly bleating noise. Now he only starts warbling when he gets super mad-which I try not to let him do because mad Zane results in gas.

Gas has been our issue from day one. Zane does NOT do well with either end. Cade had some trouble with gas, but nothing like Zane. He cries out every time he farts or burps. I find myself pounding his back frequently to get gargantum belches out, and he wakes up several times a night to cry and fart and then go right back to sleep. Poor guy. It’s getting better slowly.

Sleep at night has been great. Zane sleeps in 5-6 hour chunks…once I can get him to go down, that is. He seems to sense when his older brother is put to bed and wakes right up, ready for interaction. A few nights ago he stayed awake past midnight! He’s a pretty good napper as well, althought I need to start figuring out his schedule so I can try to get things normalized for both of us. Granted, the four month sleep regression is coming up, so it’ll throw any current pattern out the window.

Oh, one silly thing that Zane continues to do is grab his own hair. It makes him so mad! The madder he gets, the tighter he curls his fist in his own hair. It’s a vicious, but funny, cycle. He also will sleep with his eyes half open. Uber creepy when he starts dreaming and his eyes roll around. And he snorts! I can’t believe I almost forgot about the snorting. Sometimes when he gets cranky -especially if it’s hunger related- he’ll start hard core snorting in between cries. Like “crrryyyyy snort snort snort snort snort  cryyyyyy” it cracks me up. He can’t decide whether he’s a goat or a pig.

Cade is still not super impressed with Zane for the most part unless I balance something on Zane’s fluffy butt or his head and let it tumble off. Although every once in awhile Cade will try to feed him, which is cute when Zane is awake, but not so cute when Zane is sleeping. Zane, however, watches Cade’s every move. He dislikes the loudness, but he still seems pretty fascinated.

So there you have it. My second child (dude, that is so weird to write) is steadily carving out his own unique nitch in our family. 🙂


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