Cross Fits got Nothing on “Father Abraham”


You wanna entertain your children while getting some exercise? Try some good old fashioned church camp songs.

To warm up, start with something easy, like “Deep and Wide”, then maybe “The Fruit of the Spirit’s not a Coconut”, “Peace like a River”, and throw in “Wheels on the Bus” (in the world, not of it…). To take things up a notch, push into “Lord’s Army” for a few repetitions and then hard core hit “Father Abraham”. To up the difficulty level, hold your toddler while singing, and make sure you “turn around, SIT DOWN!” at the end while still holding him-great core workout. You should stand up to start again while still holding him, too-better then flipping tires, especially if he’s squirming and attempting to bite your collar bone.

Now, it’s up to you if you want to do a calm down routine, like an exaggerated “Jesus Loves You” but we’re a bunch of heathens so we end on an up note with “the Hokey Pokey.” 😛

I’m exhausted.


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