Tsu who?


So I’ve been on the social media site “Tsu” for I think over a month now. (Tsu is basically Facebook but done up in a green color scheme AND it shares profits with users based on the number of shares/likes/posts/friends, etc.) I don’t remember the actual day I joined it-having two small children makes the days rather blur together- but today was the first day I noticed anything in my bank. Ladies and gentlemen, I made a penny.

While it’s true this is more money then I’ve ever made from Facebook, I don’t think I’ll be making much more and may even leave the site all together, and here is why: I use social media to stay connected with family and friends.

That’s it. And honestly, while I appreciate the gesture of sending me a friend request on Tsu, I know in real life a total of TWO other people on the site. Two. My neighbor and her husband. Now, if my entire family and half of my facebook friends were to move on over to Tsu I’d stay in a heartbeat, but the fact of the matter is, I don’t care to read thirty inspirational quotes or memes a day, I want to read snippets about the lives of those I care about. I’d rather updates on my sister’s recent move than another article about parenting. I’d prefer pictures of my nieces to pictures with yet another quote about finding happiness. Most of those I follow on Tsu I don’t mind perusing, but everybody is in such a frenzy to meet their quota of comments, shares, and likes that it feels fake.

Now, I love the idea of being on a social media site where I get a bit of the revenue generated by being a participant, and for some people Tsu seems to be a really cool thing. But I’m not a people person, I don’t care if I only ever have 12 “friends” on Tsu, as long as they’re actual friends.  At the very least what they post about needs to be interesting to me and more than just filler to meet yet another quota.

So. By the standards of every meme I’ve read about how to “increase your earnings”- I’m Tsuing it wrong. And even though I may throw in the towel eventually, it isn’t anything to do with the website. It’s not Tsu, it’s me. I may not stay on Facebook much longer, either. At this rate I’m down to Instagram and Twitter.

I guess I’ve never been one to care about my “stats” on social media, or bother with how many “likes” I get on a post (although I admit, getting retweeted makes me feel a little bit famous-but not too much, the idea of too many people knowing who I am is mildly horrifying). I have, over 3 years, accumulated 77 followers on Instagram -and a post breaks the magical “ten likes” once every two weeks. Maybe.  And I’ve been on Twitter for almost 5 years and only have 23 followers. I have 9 friend requests pending on facebook because I don’t know who the people are who are asking to be my friend. By the cultural -and now financial- pressure to collect internet friends and approval, I’m a loser.
I’m very ok with this, because when my brother in law likes a post it makes me think of him and whether he’s taking a break from working on something or just trying to relieve a few seconds of a boring day or catch a few moments to himself among the chaos of my nieces. When my dad posts a quirky pun I roll my eyes at “dad humor” and try to think up an equally lame pun for a comment. My mom likes everything I’ve ever posted since she’s been introduced to social media because that’s what moms do. I love seeing the pictures of my nieces, give my little sister a hard time about her feet pictures, read the funny snippets my brother (and several of his friends that I’ve followed who have no clue who I am) posts on twitter.

And I like reading about my friends from college (back when facebook first started, yikes). And my friends from my time as a medic in Fayetteville. And watching the young men and women I taught colorguard to grow into beautiful people. I love the baby pictures, the engagement announcements, the jobs, the moves, the things that make the world tick. THAT’S what I use social media for.

So yes, while I’ll read the occassional article, and like a funny meme or two, for the most part the blanket “inspirational quotes” are irritating, and the cyclical posts about love and happiness and joy and blah, blah, blah are wearisome in their frank impersonal nature. Connection, for me, is not a matter of how many likes, shares, or comments I get- it has to go deeper. At the very minimum it needs to be authentic.

Basically, if you want to earn money on a social media site, Tsu really does work that way. And you comedians and philosopher’s who have gained large followings elsewhere based on your wit would probably do really well….or those of you who are really good at spamming a butt ton of information everyday with loads of hashtags.

I like Tsu, and if you’re interested in testing it out for a bit I can send you an invite. But I think unless I can connect to more people I actually know who are on it, I’m going to have to collect my penny and say good bye. My time is more valuably spent doing other things.


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