3 Month Update!


Zane is now 3 months old, the snuggle butt. He’s wearing 6 month onsies…well…pajamas, really, since he hates pants but it’s too cold for bare legs. His personality is definitely developing along with his body, especially as he’s gotten a lot more verbal over the past month. He coos and shrieks, open mouth laughs, giggles, blows bubbles, sticks out his tongue…little guy sure is social! In fact, he gets irritated if someone doesn’t interact with him on a regular basis. He doesn’t “cry” exactly, he scolds. He strings together sounds and inflections in a long string of complaint until someone interacts enough with him to calm him down. Now, he’ll get to crying if he scolds long enough, but it takes awhile. And he knows when you’re faking it-no making a few noises and faces in between reading a paragraph of your book, he knows you aren’t really engaged…As he is awake for longer periods this means some tricky balancing for me since Cade is at an attention demanding stage as well. Cade didn’t mind getting stuck under the mobile for awhile as a baby, but as a toddler I need to be immediately available to his every whim (well, thats what he wants, anyway). So Zane gets hauled around with us quite a bit. We’ve got an outside baby swing, two indoor ones, and the moby wrap and ergo carrier. Sometimes Ill just carry Zane to the playground IN the outdoor swing so I have a little more freedom of movement. In any case, Zane likes to be in the thick of things.

  He contines to roll over- been doing that for over a month, actually, I can’t believe I can say that! He kicks and wiggles like a champ, as babies do, and he is slowly mastering sucking his thumb. It still seems to be a bit tricky maneuvering it to his mouth, but he’s getting better. I will say he seems a lot more…shrewd? Canny? I dunno, SOMETHING than Cade was at this age. Cade was all about watching and figuring things out as a baby (like all babies are) but he was low key and generally amused by pretty much everything. Vey straightforward. Zane seems to pick up on a bit more. Like, complainy Zane seems to know the pacifier is to calm him down and he’ll be darned if he’s going to take it until he’s had his say. Sometimes he’ll take it but keep complaining around it until he eventually spits out. Same thing with nursing. Cade would latch on to anything that even remotely resembled a nipple, and if I presented him with the boob he was nursing within seconds. Zane only nurses when he’s hungry. If he’s grumpy and I try to get him to nurse he yells at it, but doesn’t latch. I can stick it IN his mouth and he’ll continue to whine-a bit muffled sounding- but won’t latch. If he’s happy and I try to get him to nurse he’ll lick it and mouth it and smile and coo but he won’t latch.

Zane also picks up on me having to put him down to do something else and he is NOT a fan. Diaper changes are fine, but if he wants to be held gosh darn it no amount of swinging-mobile-music nonsense is going to appease him. If he IS in the swinging-mobile-music nonsense mood, however, he’ll laugh and babble happily for ten-twenty minutes. Cade was a “go with the flow” baby. Zane is a “go with the flow as long as the flow is headed in the exact direction I chose within a range of speed selected by me”. It cracks me up. He’s so much more particular, and engages so differently from Cade as a baby! I love it!

Zane’s smiles are still, to me, singularily sweet. They just kindof sneak up and take over his face. And sometimes he’ll briefly widen his eyes and look sideways, like he’s flirting. He’s a pretty good sleeper so far, but I’m waiting for the 3-4 month sleep regression to kick in. He’s still long and lean, but I won’t have stats on him until his 4 month appointment. I had to adjust the snaps on his cloth diapers a few weeks ago and it was an “awwww, you’re getting so big already!” moment. He’s already in size 2 disposables. 🙂

So there you have it. A brief update all about Zane. It’s tough not to update about both boogers at the same time. Ill have to post an update about Cade soon to balance things out. 😛


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