A Review


Facebook is doing reviews of everyone’s year but the one compiled for me is so bad it’s not even worth attempting to edit. Basically, it’s just the month of September (lame, Facebook, very lame). So I’m doing my own.

Lets see….I found out I was pregnant in January. I helped Brian finish up his Master’s degree and then packed a lot of boxes for our move to Alabama. We left Cade alone for a weekend to find a place in Alabama only to have it fall through and end up living on post-which has been SUCH a blessing! Cade turned the big number 1 in May and we were able to celebrate with a whole bunch of family which was awesome. Brian graduated and was commissioned, and we packed up everyone including Remus for the harrowing 12 hour drive down to Ft Rucker.

Then there was introducing Cade to swimming and watering plants and unpacking and meeting friends and having playdates and pretty much a blur. We visited Virginia, Remus got dropped off to his and Brian’s relief-Cade and I rather miss him, Zane made his precipitous arrival, there were more friends and playdates and slides and sandboxes and new recipes and lots of laundry.

2014 was a good year. A full year. A bit crazy of a year….and Brian and I are sitting on the couch with both kids in bed (a miracle) reading books and ignoring the ball drop celebration nonsense. The perfect New Year’s Eve. 🙂


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