Falling Off the Bandwagon


I finished up the last week of 2014 by falling off a bandwagon-I shampooed my hair.

I had been trying to stretch the time between washes (I was at about once every three weeks) and that was because I hated washing my hair. We have stupid hard water here, and no matter what variation I tried, I just couldn’t let any of it touch my hair or it’d end up waxy feeling. To wash my hair I had to use distilled water and/or rainwater. The commissary has been hit or miss stocking distilled water (not purified, it has to be distilled) and the Walmart doesn’t carry it. So finding distilled water was becoming a hassle, and then using it I was washing my hair with cold water.

I hate being cold. I really hate being wet. The only redeeming virtue of showering (besides hygeine, of course) is that I can blast the water as hot as I can stand it. That makes up for the fact that I have to go through that awkward drying off/still damp phase at the end. So dumping cold water on my head in the middle of a hot shower was beyond annoying. I was contorting my body in all kinds of ways to keep everything but my hair under the hot water while I tried to manipulate a full gallon jug to slowly pour chilly water onto my scalp. Yeah. Ridiculous.

Hence, the waiting as long as I could between washes. The thing is, I have naturally oily hair, and my hair would look fantastic for about 2 days after a Baking Soda/Distilled White Vinegar wash, decent on day 3 and 4, and up do only by day 5. So basically, I’d get half a week where I felt comfortable leaving my hair down, and the rest of the time it would be weighed down with yuck. “The rest of the time” being entire WEEKS sometimes.

…so I went back to shampoo and conditioner.


It is awful.

My hair feels like Barbie hair. All nylon stringy and weird. My scalp is also super itchy. I can’t decide whether my hair feels like it has been stripped or like it’s coated. Man, it’s gross.

I thought maybe it was like a mini transition and I’d just have to get my hair through it-but three shampoos later and I am refusing to do it again. My hair feels so brittle and strange, it even feels weird while washing it.

Guh. So. I am, I suppose, reluctantly climbing back on the “commercial shampoo isn’t that great for your hair” bandwagon. I’m currently looking for a “low-poo” option (basically shampoos that don’t have sulfates, parabans, or any “cones” (silicone derivitives) (yes I just used parentheses inside parentheses) ) That way I may still be able to wash my hair with hot water, and maybe as often as once a week.

I think this is one of those “ignorance is (was) bliss” moments. If I had never tried no shampoo in the first place I never would’ve noticed. šŸ˜¦

On the plus side, the almost 5 months of no shampoo has made my hair really healthy. I guess that’s something.


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