2015 Resolutions


2014 Resolutions

  1. Read 20 new books
  2. Watch 10 new movies
  3. Memorize 1st chapter of Ecclesiastes.
  4. Make 5 new recipes and at least 1 has to use the crock pot.
  5. Finish a scrapbook.
  6. No soda.
  7. No french fries, including (groan!) chick-fil-a waffle fries. Sweet potato fries are ok.
  8. Starting with 5 pushups these first two weeks, do pushups daily, increasing the amount by increments of 5 every two weeks.

Weeelllll, let’s start backwards. the pushup thing was a bust because not two weeks after I posted these I found out I was pregnant. I could do pushups for a little, but then the belly got in the way-not to mention all the stress on my back. French fries? Nope. Didn’t meet that one either. I don’t think I broke it until August or September, but I honestly completely forgot I wasn’t supposed to have any. As you might’ve guessed-we don’t eat out all that much. I’m not miffed about it, because honestly well, we don’t eat out all that much. I mean, I’ll grab a sweet tea on the way to playdate, but otherwise we just can’t stomach fastfood. The very occasional (ie, once every 4-6months) french fry isn’t going to have much impact on my overall diet. Which this year, has actually been much improved. Um, I had soda while preggo-the carbonation actually seemed to help some with the heartburn? Weird? Normal? I don’t know, but by the third trimester I was desperate for ANYTHING. I had heartburn from the get go with Zane. Still only drank it maaaybe once or twice a month simply because we don’t keep any at the house, so again, not really concerned about not meeting it. Finish a scrapbook? HA! Ha ha. Hahahahahaahaaa-yeah, no. No way that happened what with the move to Alabama, chasing Cade around outside, having a baby….yeah, no scrapbooking AT ALL happened after we moved in May. I am just now hoping to crack open the trunk of supplies and get started up again, so maybe that’ll end up in a 2015 resolution. 😛

Now to the yeses. 5 New Recipes? BAM! Like, totally a bazillion! Let’s see, a tuna casserole, a cheesy bacon chicken casserole, a chili casserole, a corndog casserole, a poor man’s lasagna/million dollar spaghetti, spaghetti squash mac and cheese, a sour cream cream cheese chicken in THE CROCKPOT, chili in THE CROCKPOT, a honey apple pork loin in THE CROCKPOT. Ummm I also did honey glazed carrots, roasted sweet potatoes (I call them “dirty potatoes”), two kinds of banana breads, banana AND pumpkin pancakes from SCRATCH, blueberry sourcream coffeecake, chedder parmesian helicopters (a cheese snack for Cade)…I dunno, there may be more. I kindof hit my stride in the kitchen after we moved to Alabama in May. I was (am) doing one casserole or “big” dish every week, and then the potatos and carrots and pancakes throughout. I’m still not using the crockpot as much as I use the oven-but I’m learning. 🙂 Totally blew that resolution out of the water!

Watch 10 new movies….um…maybe? Honestly, I don’t know. I haven’t watched a whole lot of movies in general this year (definitely not 35 new ones like last year) because neither Brian nor I have had the time. BUT I have seen some new ones, so I may have reached 10…?

Books? Well, um, I last updated my list of books read on May 2nd…I had read 38 books and 20 of them were new. I have since read MORE than that, but I’ll list the ones I wrote down.

The Wrong Side of Paris-Honore(‘) De Balzac (started in 2013, finished in 2014).

The Hindi-Bindi Club-Monica Pradhan

The God of the Hive- Laurie R. King

Pirate King- Laurie R. King

Garment of Shadows- Laurie R. King

The Blade Itself- Joe Abercrombie

Ender’s Game- Orson Scott Card

Speaker for the Dead- Orson Scott Card

Xenocide- Orson Scott Card

Children of the Wind- Orson Scott Card

total oblivion more or less- Alan Deniro

In the Forests of Serre- Patricia A. McKilllip

The Mysteries of Pittsburgh- Michael Charbon

Before They Were Hanged- Joe Abercrombie

Last Argument of Kings- Joe Abercrombie

Night Broken- Patricia Briggs

The Name of the Rose- Umberto Eco

Summer Moonshine- P.G. Wodehouse

The Long Goodbye- Raymond Chandler

The Reivers-William Faulkner

Since then I’ve also read the first seven books of the “Outlander” series by Diana Gabaldon, and I’m sure I’ve read other books but I can’t remember them off the top of my head. So yes, I definitely met this resolution.

Moving on to 2015!

1. Read 30 new books. (This may be overly ambitious since I have two kids to wrangle instead of just one, but we’ll see)

2. 5 New recipes that are “veggie centric”-can be side dishes or entrees.

3. Deliberately exercise every day. Even if it is just one plank for a minute, I aim to do some sort of exercise daily. I would obviously like to get into an actual routine, but baby steps for exercising with babies.

4. Finish a scrapbook! (Ok, I’m sortof cheating. I started working on scrapbooking yesterday and only have ONE PAGE left to do to finish scrapbook 2012. One page….But! Cheating or not, I’m totally counting it. 😛 )

5. Memorize 2nd chapter of Ecclesiastes.

That’s all the resolutions I have for this year, but there are a few milestone type goals that I see looming on the horizon for this year that I figured I’d jot down.

1. Brian will finish flight school and we’ll leave Fort Rucker to go who knows where next-so another move, yippee.

2. I want to get Cade and Zane sharing a room. I’m nervous about doing this, mostly because it took Cade up until about a year to consistently sleep well through the night. Now he sleeps like a log from 8pm to 7-8am. If Zane is a stubborn sleeper they may not start sharing until Zane is close to one, which is fine. Probably be best to start the transition AFTER we move anyway…

3. Possibly start potty training Cade? Maybe? He turns two in 4 months, but I’m not super concerned about how old he is when he trains, it’s more whether or not he’s ready to do so. He’s waking up from nap with a dry diaper, and sometimes in the morning, too. In fact, some days we only go through 4 diapers (excluding the nighttime diaper) because he holds his urine. I’ll play it by ear, but if he shows interest we may start potty training before 2016. Eek!

4. If not potty training, maybe transition to a toddler bed? Not anytime soon, but before the end of next year? Possibly. He’ll need to at least learn how to nap in a regular bed if he and Zane share a room since their naps will be at different times so Cade will nap in our room.

Ugh, so many transitions in one year. I am not looking forward to it; Cade is a grump when his routine changes. :/ (he gets it from his mom, haha).


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  1. We’re making your sour cream chicken casserole for dinner tonight! Can’t wait to see what else I pick up from you next time we visit yall in Timbuktu or wherever you end up. 😉


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