4 month and 20 month update!


Ok, before people roll their eyes at the “20 month” thing, I don’t plan on counting age in months past 2 years AND there are still some pretty dramatic differences from month to month for Cade which is why I’m counting by month in the first place. 20 month old Cade is totally different from 18 month Cade. NOW you can roll your eyes. 😛

Seriously, though, the past few months have brought about some developmental leaps for my first little man. He is “talking” almost non stop. Often unintelligible, but he’s making the effort. He is also actively repeating words when we coach him, and sometimes with no coaching necessary. “No” is finally a firm part of his vocabulary, as is “help” and “stuck” and “stop”. We are working on “please” but so far he just goes, “PUH!” really dramatically. All in all, he’s been a lot more communicative, which is GREAT! He has become a lot more interested in independently perusing his board books, and will sit on the floor and turn the pages. When I read to him now he usually grabs multiple books and will sit through increasingly longer narratives. He has also become much better in social situations. Essentially, he’s figuring out how to play WITH other children-and discovering it is more fun then playing by himself. Whereas this will hopefully be fantastic as Zane gets old enough to be played with, it makes it difficult now because Cade wants me to actively play with him throughout the day……so, yeah, laundry and dishes don’t get done until we reach crisis stage, haha. Can’t believe he’ll be TWO in four more months. And my niece will be four soon! Ahhhhh!!!

Ahem. I digress. Back to updates.
Zane is hitting the sleep change right about now (where he goes from sleeping like an infant to more adult like sleep cycles) so that means naps are every which way but consistent and nights are hit or miss. Increasingly miss. He is AlSO babbling up a storm, in fact it’s hard to get him quiet sometimes. He loves social situations, and smiles and coos like a maniac on playdates. He’s firmly in 6-9 month clothing depending on brand-6mo Carters, 9mo everything else- except his jammies which he is beginning to outgrow even the Carter’s 6 month ones. He is definitely a very particular baby, still generally a happy munchkin, but he’ll voice displeasure at a wider variety of things than Cade did (dirty diaper, too hot, too cold, on his back too long, on his belly too long, sitting too long, not sitting long enough, presented with the wrong boob, wants the mobile, doesn’t want the mobile….etc, etc, etc). He’s got an odd, deep little laugh that comes out kindof like a honk. Like a 2 pack a day cigarette smoking goose. It’s really cute (the laugh, not the goose. I bet the goose looks awful) and I try to get him to laugh at least twice a day. He giggles the most when he gets his diaper changed. It’s like, once the cool air hits his tush he gets a rush of adrenaline and he wiggles and chuckles and smiles up a storm. He’s very expressive, I love the variation in voice and facial expressions! He’s sitting up in his bumbo now, reaching and grabbing toys and bringing them to his mouth. He touches his head and face A LOT. I mean, hands scratching his head, rubbing his eyes and nose, playing with his ears…pretty much non stop. At night he’ll start wiggling around as he’s waking up and his hands are just non stop rubbing all over his face while he snorts and snuffles. He blows rasberries now, too, which he seems to enjoy, and he’s drooling quite a bit just like Cade did around 4 months.

We’ve switched Zane into the convertible seat (the same one as Cade’s) so I love looking in the backseat and see them sitting side by side. 🙂 Cade is getting a *little* better about having a brother. He actually engages with Zane on occasion, and the one day he gave Zane a hug (so cute!). He likes when Zane laughs, and sometimes he’ll grab Zane’s hand or foot and try to drag him across the floor. Zane thinks this is hilarious, but I haven’t been able to get a video because I like to keep a close watch when Cade is doing it so that noone gets hurt. Cade still gets grumpy when I have to feed Zane, but he’s done really really well learning “no whining”. It helps that I’ve started telling Zane “no whining” when he’s being fussy – I could be saying higgldy piggldy poo for all Zane cares – it seems to help Cade understand no whining is for everyone, not just him. Sometimes Cade will begin to work himself into a real fit and if Brian or I say no whining and then start counting to three Cade will stop and take deep breaths before moving on. *this is only for whining, by the way, not for every time Cade cries. When he’s hurt or frustrated we obviously try to meet the need/relieve the situation. This is for when we say “no” or “wait” and he just perpetually boos and whines with no tears.* So anyway, I’m pretty proud of how much my almost two year old is maturing on that front. He doesn’t whine nearly as much, although he still can throw a doozy of a tantrum when the mood strikes, haha.

Oh! And Zane has figured out how to spin in circles on his belly. He does a baby push up and then flops to the side. Pushup. Flop. Pushup. Flop…until he’s facing the direction he wants to be in. 🙂

That’s all I’ve got, I started writing this over a week ago to try and get it out by the 12th so sorry if it’s a bit disjointed.


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