Frankly, I am disgusted and appalled at the articles being posted on my news feed. The ignorance and vitriol being spewed in biased studies, the petty meaness and sarcastic barbs, the blanket bullying that is being spread by the masses. This is what we teach our children?

“OH hey, sweetie, don’t be mean to that kid because he’s different. Unless you disagree with him, then just go ahead and belittle him into the ground because that’s the best thing to do in these situations. No, no, don’t bother listening to their opinions, name call until they stop talking to you and I’m sure they’ll change their mind-maybe try a few threats. Mhmm, this is how we handle conflict appropriately.”

Now I vaccinate my kids, so before you start arming your arsenal of sick kid photos to “scare tactic” me into your point of view, swallow it down. I vaccinate my kids, but I’ve also read countless anti vaccination articles and studies and their concerns are…well…concerning. So I vaccinate, and I pray. And for Pete’s sake STOP with the autism schtick, nobody cares.

I have a toddler coming up on his 2 year shots and a 4 month old who is scheduled to have a whole slew at his next appointment. This debate is real for me as it is for millions of parents and the slander and sarcastic sludge that is being slung around the internet is, news flash, not helping. And before you bury me with all your statistics about herd immunity and eradicated diseases, stop for two seconds and remember that the medical community is falliable. Remember that at one point cigarrettes were prescribed medication and widely acclaimed as healthy by the entire medical community. Lung cancer is, of course, just a minor side effect.

I don’t think it’s “stupid, backwards, idiotic” to be concerned about the ingredients being injected in vaccines. I don’t think it’s completely unreasonable to worry that there are side effects to vaccines. That’s honestly a healthy response and one that is repeatedly ignored or glossed over.

We are a heavily medicated society, and I for one am not so keen on the idea that there is a pill for every problem…as long as you don’t mind taking three other pills to manage side effects. Modern medicine is fantastic, you guys, the things that can be accomplished are pretty darn cool and I’m glad I live in this time-but I also don’t want to utilize modern medicine unless I absolutely have to because modern medicine has made some grievious mistakes before and is capable of doing so again.

In a nutshell, vaxxers and antivaxxers, a lot of the articles I am being spammed with on my newsfeed are hate riddled. I’m not going to lie, most of it is coming from vaxxers although Ive seen a few incendiary ones from the opposing point of view. Are you really concerned with the health of my children? Really? Because you aren’t acting like it. You seem more concerned with getting your point across in the cruelest way possible then in addressing any real concerns. You’re bullying. And it is shameful.


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  1. Amen. And amen. I’ve seen valid concerns from both sides as well but the overall tone is despicable. Your connection with how we tell our kids not to be bullies and then model it any time we think we can intellectually or emotionally pulverize someone is the truest and scariest reality of this whole debacle…..and many other disagreements.


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