1 Down, 3 To Go…


February is FLYING by, I can’t believe we’re already a week in! I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on my hair (but let’s be honest, most people don’t say things like, “Wow! You dyed your hair! It looks awful!” :P). I think some of the most sincere compliments have been from various neighborhood kids, which is great, because if there is any “statement” attached to my hair dying it’s that I like having fun and being a little silly. Kids get that. 😉

So, on to the other things I had planned to do in February:

One, I baked bread from scratch for the first time ever and it was DELICIOUS. It was a honey buttermilk white bread, and besides not kneading it long enough or letting it rest appropriately, I followed the recipe exactly and got excellent results. It was a bit dense (kneading problem) but not in a bad way. More like a pound cake dense-still soft and appealing, just not quite “billowy” like the recipe described. I think next time I make it I’ll turn my oven down five degrees and tent the pans with foil and see if that makes the crust a little thinner. I have dark bread pans instead of glass ones and I think it really impacted how it baked. I’d like a bit thinner/softer crust.

Two, I cooked eggplant! I figured I’d keep with the purple theme when I picked the veggie of the month AND eggplant intimidates me a bit so it made for a nice challenge. I made honey balsalmic eggplant medallions and I cooked them on the griddle instead of a grill. They were so tasty!! I am definitely an eggplant fan. Cade, however, refused to even lick them. He’s refusing to eat anything, currently, except cereal, toast, rice, and pasta….he comes by it honestly, sigh. Anyway, I’m calling my initial foray into eggplantland a success, and I bought another one to try a new recipe this coming week. 🙂

Three, I’ve really upped my workout levels, exercising twice a day and making a conscious effort to push myself instead of slack off at the minimal level of exertion possible. For example, I ran three miles yesterday and I didn’t stop to walk once and I kept a 10:25minute pace. That’s pretty quick for me – I am feeling it today! What’s great about this is that I’m working out with April, my neighbor, and trying different routines downloaded from YouTube as well as some p90x3s. At home I throw in some p90x or legblasters or pushups or, the rare bird, a stroller free run. It means I’m actually doing a variety of different workouts, which I’ve really enjoyed. I got my first taste of yoga p90x3 style and I think I may be hooked! We did pilates today-it reminded me a lot of some of the conditioning exercises from gymnastics I did eons and eons ago. Zane isn’t always amenable to workout time (although I’m pretty sure he can do more pushups than me) so some workouts get fragmented with trying to appease a fussy baby, but that just means I do some of the exercises while holding him which adds a good chunk of weight, haha. He likes when I do the yoga vinyasa from plank then arched then into downward dog with him between my hands, he usually laughs the stinker. All the exercise has greatly upped my energy levels and mood, despite never getting more than 2 consecutive hours of sleep.

Four, I am LOVING the weather. It is not even close to as cold as good ol’ Virginia, or even Fayettenam for that matter. We’ve had a few crisp days that have required a heavy jacket, but mostly it hovers in the fifties, and today it is a gorgeous 65 and sunny! I miss snow, it’s true, but with a toddler that loves the outdoors and hates wearing a jacket, this weather is preferable. February in southern Alabama is an entirely different weather kettle of fish.

So far this month has been excellent, how has everybody else’s month going?

Happy February! 😀


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