My Little Fashionista


I have two boys, and I LOVE my boys, but I figured I’d miss out a little on the dress up type stuff that is common with girls. I mean, Cade does occasionally show interest in choosing (or not choosing) his clothes, but otherwise he seems pretty much indifferent-or so I thought.

I dyed my hair purple and Cade didn’t bat an eye. But I put on one of my favorite sweaters (Navy with small blue polka dots)  and Cade was VERY upset. He grabbed a fistfull of my shirt and in the most heartbreakingly pathetic voice, he stared into my face, puppy eyes glistening with unshed tears, and moaned, “NOOOOOO!!!” Me: What’s wrong buddy, you dont like mommy’s shirt?
Cade: Noooooo!!
Me: But mommy likes this shirt.
Cade *heavy breathing, trying not to cry*: No!
Me: Do you want mommy to change shirts?
Cade, tentative smile, softly: yesss
Me: Do you want to get mommy a new shirt?
Cade: Yes! *turns and runs down hallway and disappears into Brian and I’s bedroom. *

He didn’t make it back with a shirt before we all left for an outing to the park. But every once in awhile he’d grab or point at my shirt and say, “Noooo” and I’d keep him from getting upset by promising I’d change shirts when I got home. (Which I did.)

Well, today we were playing (he was playing, I was attempting to clean out my dresser drawers) when suddenly he grabs my purple plaid button down shirt and goes, “Momma momma mom momma mommamomomom!” while bouncing up and down holding the shirt up to me.
Me: Do you want mommy to put on this shirt?
Cade, claps hands together with earsplitting grin: Yes!
*I put on the shirt. He is bouncing with excitement and tries to help me do up the bottom buttons*
Cade: Up! Upboo upboo upboo!
*pick Cade up. He WRAPS himself around me-arms and legs-and lays his head down on my shoulder, still with a huge grin on his face.*
….I wore the shirt all morning.

Little fashionista. 🙂 Once he gets a bit more articulate I’ll let him pick out my outfit on occassion, should make for some interesting ensembles.


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