50 Shades….of Purple!


Ha! See what I did there? Yeah, thats about as close as I’ll poke at the 50 Shades of Grey hype that has dominated my newsfeed. Although I do kindof wonder how the BDSM community feels about all the discussion*

*angry spit flying gnashing of teeth hair pulling diatribes.

Anyway, we’re coming to the close of week two in February with Valentine’s day minutes away. Confession: I don’t really have a strong opinion on Valentine’s day. I feel like I’m expected to. People either seem to love it or hate it, but for me it’s like, well, President’s Day. I random holiday that I tend to forget about until it appears, I do nothing special for it, and then the day passes. Other people celebrate and thats fine and other people dont celebrate and thats fine, too, and honestly it’s exhausting trying to pretend one way or the other. I don’t “try” to forget it to be all cool and noncholant, I just don’t really remember it. Heck, I turned twenty before I finally got Memorial Day and Labor Day in their correct places. I’m no good when it comes to remembering dates…

But cool thing about V day- it’s also my brother in law John’s birthday. So happy birthday John!

This week I have upped my bread making game-I made the honey buttermilk bread again, I made homemade flour tortillas (so good!) and I made an English Muffin bread which was surprisingly simple and turned out really well (ie: tasted like an english muffin). I also roasted some eggplant and tried a recipe for zuchinni boats (note to self-neither make good leftovers). But as far as hippy dippy things go, the experiment for this week has been oil pulling.

Google oil pulling to get more info on it, I don’t feel like playing Wikipedia, but the gist is you swish oil in your mouth when you first wake up for 20 minutes to absorb bacteria and toxin and then spit it out. It’s actually decently well researched as an effective oral hygeine tool and a natural teeth whitener over time. Well, my teeth could be whiter so I figured, yeah, sure I’ll give it a shot for a week or two, why not?

I think seseme oil is the original oil of choice but coconut oil is popular because of it’s antibacterial properties? Anywho, I have coconut oil so that’s what I’ve been using. For four days now, I wake up, scrap up a spoonfull of coconut oil (it’s solid at room temp) and swish it in my mouth for twenty minutes and then spit it in the trash.

You guys, it’s gross. The cool, lardlike coconut oil slowly melting into a slick puddle in my mouth made me almost gag the first time. The next day wasnt much better, but today (4th day) it provoked only the merest of shudders-I’m getting used to it. Which is good, because unfortunately I think I might keep doing it. I say unfortunately because it really IS gross…but it works.

Since getting pregnant with Cade my teeth and gums have been uber sensitive and occasionally inflamed. They bled almost every time I brushed, and they ALWAYS hurt to brush. After three days of oil pulling they don’t hurt AT ALL. No blood, no inflammation, no ouch. Flossing doesn’t even come close. Still too early to tell about the teeth whitening aspect, but since I’m a heavy tea drinker I hope this proves true as well. And even though it is gross and takes forever I prefer it to brushing my teeth (which I still do, it just annoys me). While oil pulling I can do whatever I want in whatever room of the house I choose-both hands are free and twenty minutes is a long time. With teeth brushing you get two minutes chained to the sink. Two tedious, boring minutes in which you can’t really do anything else but brush your teeth. It’s almost as annoying as checking my voicemail.

In other news, I’m a member of a “book club” now. Doesn’t that sound elitist? 😀  Ok, so it’s my neighbor and one of her friends but it is truly about a book! …ok really a series they’ve turned into a tv show. We’re watching the Outlander tv show and comparing it to the books as we watch. We had our first get together tonight and it was so much fun. I have a social life! So maybe we were all dressed in pjs, but that’s how we role… 😉

Also, my siblings and I sent my grandma in Pennsylvania flowers and it made her day. I think maybe made her month. I LOVE doing things like that. She is a remarkable beautiful woman whom I love and should call on a more regular basis. But I forget to call and I’m lousy at mailing letters (I write them, I just never somehow manage to get them in the mail…) so it was wonderful to do something to let her know how loved and appreciated she is.

This February is shaping up to be a pretty darn good month.


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