5 months!


Zane is 5 months old! Time sure does fly when you’re having fun, and sleep deprivation and all I have never been happier.

Little booger is expanding his vocabulary, adding some weird little growls and shrieky noises along with his usual array of conversational babble. He’s figured out how to blow rasberries and will entertain himself for ten minutes at a time blowing them repetatively. He also occassionally cracks himself up for reasons undetermined by the rest of us, but it’s really cute. He remains a sensitive baby, still huffing and snorting every time the wind blows in his face and protesting when Cade is too loud, but he puts up with Cade’s rough handling just fine-in fact he usually has a huge grin on his face anytime Cade comes over to “help”. Cade likes to throw pillows on Zane, to both their immense entertainment, and he also occassionally tries to move Zane by grabbing the back of Zane’s onsie and dragging him.

Zane is sitting up! I have to position him, but he’ll stay in that cute baby tripod position for a bit until he gets excited and topples over. He doesn’t like sitting, and if you make him try to sit he’ll keep kicking his legs and arching his back to get into a standing position. He is scooting backwards like a champ and rocking on his hands and knees. He also does a pretty good “downward dog” pose and frequently levers himself into a plank. He can hop himself sideways, and he can plow forward with his butt in the air and his face on the ground when he is in the crib. He has rolled from back to belly before, but recently it’s like he’s forgotten how. He rolls from belly to back no problem.

We still have gas issues at night but they’re getting better. Speaking of nights, he’s falling asleep in the crib in his own and he JUST dropped his first feed (so instead of waking up at 9 he sleeps until midnight). I put him back in the crib after the midnight and 2am feed, but usually bring him back to bed at the 4am feed until we get up (usually up between 6-7am).

I suspect he’s teething with not just the amount of drool but the insane amount of chewing he is doing. On everything, but mostly his own hands. He also prefers my left boob to nurse, and is a both side nurser whereas with Cade it was a one boob per meal type deal. He’s been a bit clingy and irritable (teething might be some of that) and he doesn’t nap well. We had a few days of good naps and then he was back to thirty minute power snoozes. I throw him in the Ergo quite a bit (so glad we bought it!) and wear him around the house when I’m doing dishes or cooking and he’s fallen asleep that way several times. I also wear him outside when chasing his rambunctious brother around. 🙂

He’s super cute, you guys, with a little swirly cowlick right on the crown of his head that makes a tuft of hair float around. I think his hair might actually have a bit of a wave to it, which is cool, but I don’t know if it’ll last. He’s in all 9mo clothing now for length-although he does have some chunk on him as well. 5 months. Whew. I can’t believe it’s been 5 entire months…


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