A Cade Update


I really don’t feel like figuring out how old Cade is in months. He turns 2 in May, so hes a few months shy of that. His vocabulary has exploded along with a greater social awareness. And along with that social awareness is an often hilarious personality. He’s a silly goof-as most toddlers are at some point or the other-and he LOVES to laugh. He finds joy in things like blowing bubbles in his milk, walking backwards, shaking his head really fast, bouncing on the bed… He found my little pink pocket flashlight I used for EMS and it has become a favorite toy, clicking it on and off and waving it around with giggles. I am unabashedly the single most important person in his life right now, which makes all sorts of strong emotions bubble up. He prefers me to everyone for everything. He’ll play with Brian for a little, but generally I have to be out of the room entirely for him to do so. He gets excited when “Dada” comes home, too, but after the initial moment he’s back to wanting me. It’s exhausting, but really sweet.

He recognizes letters! I have been trying to get him to recognize shapes since last summer and sidewalk chalk with no luck until a few months ago when he excitedly said “Star!” So I was drawing circles and Cade kept saying, “O!” And I’d go, “Nooo, it’s a circle. Circle!” Cade would repeat, “O! Oooh!” And I was like, “circ- wait. It IS an O!” I’ve been deliberately pointing out letters now and he knows ABCDEOS and sometimes M and T. I don’t draw them in order, usually, to make sure he really recognizes them and isn’t just repeating a pattern, and it’s one of his favorite games to play. 🙂

Still no luck with numbers or any more shapes though, haha. And although his articulation is improving he still mixes up sounds of words so I’ve tried to pick and choose which letters to introduce. He struggles with “D” and “T” and he has yet to even attempt to pronounce “H” instead he just makes the noncomittal noise in the back of his throat he uses when he doesnt know how to say something.

So a few stories before I forget: Cade loves to wake up Zane. He races to the baby gate going, “BaBEEEE!” and when I open it he opens the door to Zane’s room and runs inside to climb into the crib. Zane greats him with a huge smile.

So then if Zane is awake when I have to get Cade I’ve started bringing Zane in to Cade’s room and putting him in Cade’s crib. To my surprise, the first time (and since) I did this Cade was (is) thrilled-I was worried he’d be less then pleased.

Well, we let Cade bring toys to bed with him. Not all the toys, but two or three at the most. The other day I put him in the crib for quiet time and was picking up toys and asking which one he wanted in the crib and he kept saying, “Nooo!” with increasing frustration and I stopped and said, “Buddy, I don’t know what you want.” And he pointed at the door and went, “Baby! Baby baby! BaBEE!!!” 

So Zane has at least risen to “crib toy” status in Cade’s estimation, and let’s face it, only the coolest toys get that privilege. 😛

Another fun story: Cade is definitely an introvert and excells at one on one play but isn’t a huge fan of multiple children. Well, that makes playdates with the twins next door occassionally overwhelming for him since he can’t figure out how to guard all of his toys from them AND play with them. He isn’t quite as possessive when it’s just one other kid, but two or more and he spends half his time trying to hoard all the toys. Yesterday was beautiful outside, so April brought the twins over for playdate on the carport. Cade was already outside and I was doing dishes with the door open to keep an eye on him. I hear April say something like, “Come on, let’s go see Cade!” as she walks across the front and Cade runs inside, slams the door, looks at me and goes, “Uhoh.”

Hahahaha! This kid. Oh man. He did then want to go outside and play with the twins, and he even shared his tricycle with Vera.


And of course, as usual with twin playdates, he was very upset to see them leave and tried to follow them home.

I love my Caderade, I could write pages and pages of all the stuff we do. We play a game sometimes before bedtime where we spin in circles until we fall down-mostly he just likes the dramatic way I fall. 😛 When I’m chasing him he usually starts laughing so hard he stops running and lays down with his arm above his head. His favorite food for me to cook with is eggs because then he gleefully gets to select one out of the carton and carry it over to the counter. I’ve assisted him cracking a few eggs (the dish ended up with a bit of crunch, lol) and that has been met with a high level of approval. He loves keys, and we have some old ones that he will carry around and try to unlock things like the dryer and the walls and the cabinets… One of his all time favorite things to do is scrub the kitchen floor (which always needs it, haha) so we did that the other day complete with “soat” (soap). He hates the repeating songs in Umi Zumi and Dora, and has been increasingly interested in Super Why (possibly because it deals with letters?). He also hates when the animation ends and real children show up to do crafts in Creative Galaxy. He laughs at jokes and silly things in shows, and he’s begun to interact with them-although it’s usually with just “no” or “yes”. We skip naps here and there and he sleeps really well at night when we do so. When Zane and Cade start room sharing we might drop nap entirely. :/ But thats a ways off yet.

Alright, I’ll stop. I just like keeping a written record so one day I can look back at all this and refresh my memory. 🙂


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