A Crockpot Snob


The crockpot. The glorious apparatus of time saving deliciousness. A great dinner with half the fuss. Just throw it in and go run errands. To me, the crockpot is like the Proverbs woman of the kitchen-she does it all. It has been a long, intense journey for me in the kitchen-a journey that is far from over-but as I continue to improve my culinary skills I must painfully admit that I don’t love my crockpot. In fact, I rather dislike it.

I’ve tackled eggplant, raw beets, home made peanut butter, yeast breads…I am getting comfortable with my kitchen. At the risk of sounding the snob, the crockpot annoys me. Everything I toss in and “set and forget” congeals into a lumpy mess of one flavored slime bits. Meat gets very tender-as does everything else. I peered into the depths of my latest recipe (quinoa chicken chili) and compared the crockpot to a manufactured stomach that predigests food under the guise of convinience.

I so far have one recipe that I like in the crockpot. One. A sourcream cream cheese chicken and noodles. And the noodles aren’t cooked in the crockpot, they’re stirred in at the end.

I have a dozen recipes that are edible but not fantastic. Basically, whatever the strongest flavor is overwhelms everything else, and any veggies or fruits or anything but meat turns into overcooked, limp, disintigrating mush bits.

On the other hand, I made a sweet potato, ham, apple, egg hash in a skillet tonight and it was SO GOOD. Flavors that complimented but remained distinct, some unusual spice combinations, and a touch of cayenne to give it a bit of kick. It was more time consuming to cook the hash. I had to saute onions, then add the sweet potato for a bit….then the apples and ham and spices, then dump everything out, scramble the eggs, add everything back in. It took half an hour of standing in front of a saute pan. But I reiterate-it was delicious.

Cade seems to like some of the crockpot meals though, so I don’t know what to do. Making a crockpot dinner that only a toddler will eat is a bit ridiculous, especially if then I have to force myself to eat it AND the leftovers. Yuck. (Cade will only eat leftovers for a day or two, then he gets tired of it-cant blame him).

I guess Ill play around with the crockpot recipes and see if I can make a stovetop or baked version that both of us like.

And it’s not user error (at least not exclusively, haha) because not only do I follow the directions carefully, I also compare the end results and most of my recipes turn out “picture perfect”. Great to look at, horrible to eat. Ok, ok, not horrible. Just. Blah.

So there you have it. Crockpots are a load of crock. They aren’t all they’re crocked up to be, in my humble opinion (badadum CHA!). Convinient-yes, tasty-not usually.

Anyone else disappointed in a kitchen apparatus?


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