February Recap


Whew. We survived. This February definitely moved faster than Februarys in the past. It went pretty well, all things considered, but I did hit a few bumps in the road.

The biggest disappointment was what was supposed to be the biggest highlight-my hair. After a week of glorious purple, I washed my hair a second time (the first being the day after I dyed it) and my bathtub still got covered in purple. By the end of the second week and my third wash my hair was back to majoratively blond with light purple tips. :/ A very long story short, I was ok with sticking out the remaining two weeks because I already had the appointment scheduled. Then the salon calls two hours before the appointment to tell me I can’t bring Zane-so I cancelled. And for the crappy way they handled the situation, I’m not going back. So that was really, really frustrating. Never fear, I will find a way to get my hair purple again!

I also hit the same nursing wall with Zane that I did with Cade around 5-6 months. Or maybe it’s just a typical postpartum wall. I dont know, but two weeks into February I was suddenly exhausted. I could barely function in the morning and by nighttime I was ready to sleep as soon as the boys went down. My exercising ground to a trickle as I could barely complete the same workouts I had done earlier in the month. It feels very similar to what happened with Cade-fatigue, mood swings, irritability…I wound up weaning him at 6 months. This go around I’ve set my nursing goal for a year, so thank goodness I had my placenta encapsulated. I’ve been popping those pills like candy along with my daily prenatal and it has been a big help in both energy and mood stability. I’m still not feeling my “normal”, but I’m much better than I had been when Cade was Zane’s age.

Now, onto the good things that happened in February (besides all the various people I know and love who have February birthdays). I really challenged myself in the kitchen-cooking eggplant two different ways, attempting to cook raw beets (I burnt the snot out of them), and making the leap into yeast breads-with varying levels of success (still having issues getting a good rise sometimes) but all endevours were edible and most pretty tasty. I made honey buttermilk bread (3 times), molasses brown rolls, honey butter dinner rolls, english muffin bread, cinnamon sugar bread, strawberry banana muffins…I’ve ground oatflour out of oatmeal in my food processor. I’ve oven roasted peanuts and turned them into a sweet peanut buttery spread. I made spaghetti sauce from scratch (involving 24 tomatoes!). I cooked mushrooms. I made home made graham crackers. I made flour tortillas. I tried three new crockpot meals (blah on the crockpot, but I tried them!). My next goal is to start planning to have two dishes done at the same time (a meat AND a veggie) instead of my standard cook one dish, eat it, cook the next, eat it, etc.

I also collaborated with the siblings to send our grandma in Pennsylvania some flowers as a surprise. She was absolutely tickled, it brought about all sorts of warm fuzzies. 🙂

I tried oil pulling-and found that it does help with my sensitive gums quite a bit.

My mom sent me little gifts at the beginning and end of the month which were completely unexpected and fantastic mood boosters. My longing for the warm sunshine is hereditary. 😉

Zane dropped his first two feedings and an early morning feeding. I was just trying to get him to drop the 9pm feeding-he had been going down at 7, then eating at 9, 11, 1, 3, 5, 6-630-but when I had finally whittled him down to just a minute on the boob he dropped the 9 AND 11 and didnt wake up again until 2! Then he slept till 530! So now he goes down at 7, has a feeding between 2-3 and then another between 5-630. Sometimes after that morning feeding he snoozes for another hour, sometimes he wakes all the way up. In any case, I’m getting more sleep (which has left me feeling utterly exhausted. Go figure).

One of the best things about this February is the beginning of a three member book club of which I am one of the members. We’re watching the Starz tv rendition of Outlander and comparing it to the books. Not only do I have an outlet for baking bread, but I’ve made a new friend in the process, AND it’s gloriously C and Z free mommy girl time. In our pajamas since ain’t nobody got time for dressing up (Leila has a little girl a month older than Zane, and April of course has the twins). I now actually really look forward to Fridays. 🙂

So, February, I can’t say I love you, but this year I made some really good memories so I guess I don’t hate you, either.

….I still can’t wait for Spring. 😛


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