Cade Words

Stump is Snump
Clock is Cock
Ants are Aints
And Walk is Wok

Friffle- Fuffuls
Nap- Na Nup
Sauce is Sop
And Upboo for Up

We pull up our Paints
Put boots on Da Feets
We open the Fwee
When we want Ecks to eat.

Cay cakes – pancakes
Pay is play
The Ho-hose is Outzide
Wayway away

We like to watch TT
And demand to Wead Seust
Coogees, and Keykeys (kiwi),
And Bwed into Tuust

Blanket is Mit
Holp scrub with Soat
Oatmeal? Just Mmmm
I don’t know – I Doh

Shampoo is Boo-poop
We say Pease and Iwight
Sausage is Sasup
And Lights are Hi-Hights

Our vowels are fuzzy
Our consenents blur
But our happiness genuine
When we learn a new word


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