Cry It Out


I’ve read all the articles. The pros, the cons, the studies that prove this, the research that debunks that. Honestly, I’ve tried everything else and I’m at a loss. I can’t keep up this schedule. I’m exhausted and irritable during the day, I’m up every two hours at night. I discussed it with my husband and he solomnly agreed to support me through cry it out.

Last night was the first night. I steeled myself for bedtime. Cut off the tv earlier, read a story, made sure everything was comfy cozy and reassuring. As I tucked myself into bed I stared at the ceiling fiercly, stiffening my resolve-they say the first two nights are the worst. I can do this.

Well guys, it was rough- I was awake for a three hour stretch at one point. I can only hope the whimpering will stop soon because I hate sleeping with tissues under my pillow. I had a weak moment and checked Pinterest around 2am, hiding under the covers so the light didn’t bother Brian. I’m not proud of it, but there it is. Sleep training is difficult, but I’m determined to get a good night of rest.

If my sons can put themselves to sleep without a fuss then so can I.


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