One of my favorite things about being a stay at home mom is that I get to play ridiculous games every day. Since I’m playing with children under two (only a few more weeks that I can say that) rules are very flexible and nobody wins or loses-ie:exactly how my sisters and I play most games (to the eyebrow raising annoyance of our male counterparts). Here are some of the current favorites in our house:

Run and hide
I run down the hallway and hide in one of five different places (behind bed, behind chair, in closet, behind exercise ball, behind curtain…) Cade then runs in and either finds me and I go boo and he startles and bursts out laughing, or he doesn’t find me and I jump out at him and he startles and bursts out laughing. Recently he has taken to sometimes taking a turn hiding which means behind the bed or laying on the couch. I make a big production of finding him and he generally giggles a lot completely giving himself away. Sometimes there is a bit of confusion as to whose turn it is to hide, but that just means I get a few minutes of peace and quiet behind the window curtain before I decide I really should find him. 😛

Where is Zane?
This is basically mobile peek-a-boo. Since Zane is crawling all over the place, I make a big deal of finding him anytime he comes into view. So if I’m putting the laundry away (which requires visits to multiple rooms)any time I cross his path-or he crosses mine- I go, “where is Zane? There he is!” And he giggles like a fiend. It is possible to do both games somewhat at same time, but it can be tricky when I’m running away to hide.

Exercise ball Sumo bounce
Cade will roll out our exercise ball and I will knock it into his stomach. Then he’ll run into it. Then he’ll run at it and I’ll push it at him simultaneously. Basically, I repeatedly knock him onto his butt by bouncing the ball off his belly repeatedly.  He laughs so hard he has trouble getting off the floor some days.

A bedtime favorite-Cade and I spin in circles until we fall over. Again, it’s all about the drama, so I tumble to the floor with lots of arm flapping and legs in the air.

Upside down baby
Exactly what it sounds like. Zane loves being upside down so much he will arch backwards out of my arms when I’m holding him so that he is sprawled out with his head upside down but his legs still wrapped around my waist-the weirdo. Otherwise I grab his hips and lift him in the air so he dangles above me. It’s a good arm workout, too. 😛

Anyone else have some fun baby games to play?


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  1. Hide and seek is still a big favorite in our house, too. And popping out to surprise the girls, of course 🙂 Also, chasing one another is a favorite. Hooking hula hoops to the ceiling fan… Yay for creative games 🙂

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