7 months!


Zane turned 7 months old on the 12th. Over the half year old mark! It also marks the longest I’ve nursed since I switched Cade to formula at 6 months, go me.

Zane is currently an adorable, sweet smiling, giggling, growling, hot mess of a munchkin. He still doesn’t have any teeth, but the drool and chomping is pretty ridiculous at this point so we’re expecting some any day now. He’s sleeping at night remarkably well. For awhile he’d been waking up between 3-4am and then 5-6 until waking up for good between 6-7. Then we visited family in VA and he started additionally waking up again at 130-2am. So when we got back home I was prepared to slowly drop that feeding and BAM very first night home he slept till 4, nursed, then woke up PAST 7. He’s been waking up for a feeding once between 3-4 usually and sleeping till 630-7. Last night he didn’t wake up until 5am – and then snoozed till 717! So nuts, but I’m not complaining. Unfortunately, he does not sleep nearly as well during the day, and despite my continued attempts at scheduling, he refuses to nap consistently. Which means sometimes he is a tired grumpasaurous. The crankyness hits worst between 1-3pm…aka, Cade’s naptime. Little bug ADORES his big brother. He follows him around just as fast as his chubby knees can scoot. So when Cade ISN’T around, Zane is harder to appease. He’s also been growling and fussing a lot at the breast as the day wears on and my let down sometimes takes forever which just frustrates him more, so I contacted the same LaLeche lady who helped me when Zane was born to try and figure out why my let down is so slow and how to manage it.

You would think all the frustrating bits would damper my baby enthusiasm but nope. He is sooo cute. He’s got a big silly grin and a goofy laugh and he is into EVERYTHING. He has more fine motor control of his fingers and hands than Cade did at this age, and really takes his time manipulating objects and figuring them out. He’s pulling up on everything and standing really well. He can’t quite manage to stand unassisted, but he tries repeatedly with much flapping and flailing before conking on his butt. He cruises a little-just two or three steps here or there. I’m thinking he may be an earlyish walker but perhaps not as early as Cade. Maybe around 9-10months? In anycase, this is my least favorite baby age because he’s more easily bored but not big enough or coordinated enough to do a whole lot. But when I say least favorite, it just means my enjoyment level is a 9.8 out of 10 instead of a 10 out of 10. 😛 He scares the bejeebees out of me everytime he pulls up on the water table out in the carport. I absolutely admit to being a helicopter hover mom to make sure he doesn’t tip over backwards and smack his noggin on the concrete.

He’s more sensitive to his environment then Cade, and seems to really take in the social aspect of life. I could leave Cade in a room as a crawling baby and if I came back and he wasn’t in it it was because he went exploring. If I leave Zane in a room and he leaves it it is to absolutely find me or Cade. He explores everyonce in awhile, but he is more likely to make a beeline for people. He also laughs and giggles when you make stuffed animals-or any toy really- “play” with him like puppets. Cade was (is) more of a “just let me grab it and investigate it for myself” type. Zane startles at loud noises or movement that is too fast (like cats. He really did not like my brother’s cat). He’s more cautious and less enthusiastic with “rough”play (like being tossed in the air) and he watches a lot more attentively. Cade was a blissfully ignorant-unless-happening-directly-to-me type baby. Zane notices everything.

He does have a peculiar habit of enjoying being upside down. So much so that he’ll periodically arch his back when he is being held (he’s done it with other people, not just me) until he can see the world upsidedown. He usually has a big grin on his face and he’ll turn his head to watch things like that. It’s pretty cute. He also doesn’t like crawling on his knees outside, so he does a funky bearcrawl/frog hop on his hands and feet that is just as effective at getting him where he wants to be.

There you have it. A Zane update. In a few very short weeks I’ll be posting about Cade turning TWO! Aaahhhhh!!


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