Is this to eat or put on my head?


You may think, with the above title, that I am referring to the adorable logic of most babies when they encounter spaghetti for the first time, but nope, this is all about my “no-poo” journey.

Last I posted I think was after my falling off the bandwagon around Christmas and then hating how normal shampoo made my hair feel so I reluctantly grabbed my gallon of distilled water and climbed back on. I’ve dyed my hair twice since and bleached it once and let me tell you, really healthy hair is a pain in the BUTT to dye. It doesn’t hold color at all well-it even took forever to bleach! I am determined to get a good color, though, so I shall persist….

However, in my attempts to speed the fading process of my last dye I’ve played around with different things for my wash and rinse routine. First was lemon juice straight from the source as a rinse. I used tap water in the hopes that I could find a rinse that would allow me to use the regular shower but even though the lemon left my hair soft, it still had that weird waxy “hairspray residue” type feel that is a result of our blasted hard water. Sigh. So then I tried rye flour, but with no acid rinse since rye is ph balanced (You have to have an acidic rinse after Baking Soda because it is so basic-otherwise you’ll ruin your hair). I again used shower water to rinse, but mainly because I needed the water pressure to get the bits of rye flour out of my hair.

Holy moly, my hair was so clean and incredibly soft! It was BEAUTIFUL for like, two days, and then that stupid waxy stickyness came back. Plus, even as soft as it was, it was super tangly, almost thick feeling. Since Rye adds protein I figured I might’ve come close to over protein-ing my hair and the ends were definitely a bit dry. But I LOVED the softness. It was like, chinchilla soft.

Then I tried a chamomile lemon honey tea rinse with some honey added to try and help add some moisture back in to my hair.   Chamomile makes my hair silky! It was still feeling weirdly waxy though, so I waited my full week before doing my customary Baking Soda wash.

After my baking soda wash, I rinsed with Distilled White Vinager, and then I rinsed AGAIN with the chamomile honey lemon tea. My hair ended up really silky feeling, with no icky wax since I used only distilled water. It is now day 5 since I last washed and it is *just* starting to get a bit greasy. Just a bit. 5 days, y’all, of lovely hair without washing. I used to look like a greaseball at the end of the DAY when I showered in the morning with shampoo. Less then 24 hours and my hair was stringy. Now it’s been FIVE DAYS and I’m just starting to get that stringy look only at the front pieces where my hair is thinner than the rest.

This next wash I’m going to try rye again, but I’m going to strain the rye slurry through a nylon to see if that way I can contain the larger flour pieces and thus avoid having to use tap water to rinse. Then I’m going to do the chamomile honey lemon tea plus a tablespoon of real honey as a rinse for moisture. If I can combine the softness of rye with the silkiness of chamomile I will have found the perfect wash for my hair.

It has been 8+ months of not shampooing my hair. It is not at all more convinient-in fact it is markedly more challenging- although it is cheaper (especially since I also bake, so only a bit of that bag of rye flour goes to my hair, the rest makes delicious bread). I have seen improvement in my hair and scalp health, though. I haven’t had a split end for months, I shed less, my scalp doesn’t get itchy all the time, my hair is really, really healthy. And that is what keeps me doing it. Especially since I’m dying my hair funky colors, I don’t want to fry my hair into oblivion.

And that’s all for now! 🙂

P.S. I used coconut oil to shave my legs and it worked really well-zero razor burn AND no ashyness after they dried. That pretty much encapsulates my current level of hippy-I still shave my legs, but I use coconut oil as shaving cream. 😛


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