Cade’s Two Year Update


Two years. Whew. That’s just crazy. Nonetheless, I can indeed FINALLY say I have a 2 year old in the house. We had a wonderful birthday, the morning started with discovering the Duplo train Brian and I had set up in the living room the night before, and progressed into a typical outside day playing. Brian was great watching Zane so I could get some one on one time with Cade and vice versa (it was my birthday, too, so I wanted some uninterrupted Zane snuggles). After nap we went to a festival being held at the park and Cade got to ride his first pony, explore a petting zoo (still a favorite thing to do for him), and paint a birdhouse among other great booths/activities. It was a good day. 🙂

Little man is talking up a storm, keeping a running commentary throughout the day. He insists on having “baby” around with him, but then he plays SUPER rough and Zane ends up crying. Sigh. Although I did snicker the other day when Cade climbed up on the easel under the carport and Zane somehow managed to yank the hose away. Cade was stuck on the easel whine-crying and I couldn’t help but mentally give props to Zane. They are going to continue keeping me on my toes, that’s for sure.

Speaking of their burgeoning relationship- I want to move them into the same room as soon as Zane consistently starts sleeping until 6 am with no wake ups. Right now we sometimes still have a 4am feeding, and other times we wake up at 530 raring to go. To that end, we decided to get Cade adjusted to a “big boy bed” now thinking he’d need a few weeks to get settled. Yeah, whatever. We put he toddler strut along the bottom front of the crib and took off the rail. I put a pool noodle under the sheet along the edge to create a barrier and with great trepidition I introduced him to his new bed for naptime. He slept like a champ. So then bedtime rolled around…..and he slept just fine again. He has since thrown all of his stuffed animals and toys on the floor, demanded a pillow, and sleeps like it isn’t even a transition. We’ve had no wanderings. No fussing. No nightmares. No night wakings. No waking up early. No fighting sleep times. It’s a complete non-issue. Every once in awhile he’ll ask about his “crib gate” but otherwise he doesn’t care. Maybe when we  actually move him to a twin bed? Seriously though, it’s like when he decided he wanted one nap and weaned from the bottle within the same month. No big deal.

Cade has become closer friends with the twins next door. He’ll ask for them by name, nicknaming Vera -Buba and August-AwAw. He calls April -MomMom, not to be confused with Mommy (me). He and Vera are thick as thieves, where one goes the other usually follows, giggling the whole time. You’d think August would feel left out but he seems to genuinely enjoy having some space to play on his own without his sister interferring, so I’m pretty sure he’s given Cade and Vera his blessing. Once in awhile Cade and August will be boys and play rough, which Cade is SLOWLY figuring out is ok with August-who usually laughs and reciprocates- but NOT ok with Vera who screams like she’s being tortured. Toddlers, I tell you what. Cade asks about Max, too, but unfortunately a string of illnesses and bad luck have kept our playdates sparse as of late. 😦

Cade can count to five…well, he can recite the numbers up to five, his grasp on what they stand for is still pretty fluid. His favorite way of counting-especially if he is asking for something- is “One, Two, FIVE! A LOT!” It’s just been within the last week or so that three and four are put in their proper place. He’s learning new words and ideas in leaps and bounds, every day brings some new discovery and I LOVE it. He’s also testing boundaries and smacking his brother with toys-I don’t love that, sigh. His current favorite book to read is “Fox in Socks” and “Adam Raccoon in the Lost Woods”, but “Sam and the Firefly” is close behind as well as the parable of the Camel getting through the Eye of a Needle. His current favorite TV show is Dora. His favorite character is “Backpack” which in toddler speak is “Pep-pep”. Boots is a close second, followed by the Map and Tico. He knows who Dora is, but doesn’t mention her much. I think we might start Curious George every once in awhile and see about pushing his sense of narrative. I’m also reading longer, and increasingly complicated books. I love how much he picks up!

I could write so much more, and I will try to at some point just for my record, but he and his brother keep me pretty busy. And naptime is now over. 🙂


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