2/3 Year Old


Zane hit the 8 month mark on May 12th! He’s standing on his own and hard core cruising. He gets grumpy with me if I don’t let him practice walking by holding his hands or turning his walker toys around when he runs them into things. My hope that he wouldn’t be an early walker like his brother is fast disappearing and instead I find myself sucked into the hype of watching him toddle along with an earsplitting grin on his face. 🙂

Speaking of grins-still no teeth. He’s got an adorable gummy smile though. Maybe teeth before walking? Who knows. But despite the lack, little guy can EAT! Today he had two medium sized strawberries, an entire half of a banana (the larger half when I broke it in two), 1/3 of a mango, two pieces of sausage, and multiple noodles covered in cheese and tomato sauce. Sheesh! He is going to be solid food only before a year if he keeps this up! Cade enjoyed food when we first started baby led weaning with him, but Zane demands food. And, I admit, I use it as a baby safety technique. Zane has a thing for chalk, and no matter how many times I move sidewalk chalk out of his reach, Cade invariably moves it back down at some point-often in pieces. So when we’re outside I spend the vast majority of my time trying to keep Zane from eating chalk…or scooping it out of his mouth, sigh. Solution? I pop berries in his mouth one at a time. It takes him a good solid 2 minutes to eat a raspberry/blackberry/piece of strawberry and he won’t put anything else in his mouth while he’s chewing. He can also already use a straw cup like Cade’s.

He is a pro at the “pincher grasp” which fascinates me. Cade NEVER did the pincher grasp (you know, where they pick things up with just one finger and the thumb). Cade was a full hand grabber-and he STILL is. Zane will chase food around his tray with just his pointer finger and thumb before delicately placing it in his mouth. So cute! He’s also got an adorable inhale laugh that cracks me up. I can never seem to get a good video of it-usually it is drowned out by Cade’s incessent incessentness.

Zane is in 12 month clothing, I can barely snap his 9 month onsies, they are soooo tight. Mostly I put just shirts on him since he’s still crawling and I feel like the waist band on shorts can be uncomfortable. Since he’s cloth diapered I like seeing his padded tush bob around as well, haha.

I love this little guy so much, he is so sweet and snuggly, and the way his face lights up when he’s crawling down the hall towards me, or his giggles when I make a silly face. The way he puts an arm over his eyes when he’s tired and I’m feeding him, the cute snuggles onto my collar bone before I put him down for the night, his snores… and I LOVE that he is already so different from his older brother. I can’t list all the ways, he just is. The two of them together are going to be such a handful as they get older. 🙂 🙂

There you have it. Zane bug is thriving. I can’t believe he’s only 4 months shy of a year!


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