A Tale of Incredulity


Cade may be potty trained. No, seriously. I don’t really know how it happened. I had steeled myself for a struggle, for a never ending battle of wills or a series of increasingly desperate motivation charts/stickers/bribes… but apparently I have one of those children for whom potty training is no big deal. I introduced the potty chair a month before he turned two just to kindof “see” where he was. He sat on it sporadically, would throw the occassional fit if I tried to force the issue, and absolutely did not use it for it’s intended purpose. This reinforced my relaxed attitude of not potty training until he was three because who really cares? I figured I’d try the potty chair again every few months just to keep him familiar with it, but that was it on my grand scheme of things.

So I brought the potty chair out a month later around his birthday, and somehow, magically, he finally made the connection of peeing IN the potty (instead of sitting on it, then jumping up, squatting NEXT to it and peeing). I was excited, but skeptical, so for the next few weeks instead of pushing the potty I just kept talking to him about how he was a big boy and outgrowing his diapers  (not really a lie at this point) and how diapers were for babies like Zane, etc., etc.

Then, I tried bribery. “Cade, do you want to watch Curious George? Pee on the potty.” It worked so well I realized my kid had been totally holding out on me. He knew exactly what to do, he just needed some motivation to do it. For a few days I sporadically made him pee before doing things (I made him pee to get a Triscuit, THAT is how easily bribable my son is) and then I decided I’d commit to all day potty training for three days.

Now, on day four, Cade had zero accidents yesterday, woke up with a dry diaper today and promptly peed in the potty. Pooped in the potty without any prompting, and is pretty much a champ.

There was one big bump in the road we encountered, and like sleep training, it was more what I needed to do differently then training him. We cloth diaper, so on day two I put Cade in underwear for the second half of the day and he had multiple accidents-including a poop. I was confused and irritated since just that morning he had pooped fine in the potty without being told (I wasn’t even in the room when it happened). Then I realized underwear felt just like his cloth diapers-he even called underware, “Diap” on occassion. So then started the, “we don’t pee anywhere except the potty, not even in our diaper,” brainwashing campaign. We still differentiated between underwear and diapers, but the “don’t pee anywhere except the potty” I think really helped. Yesterday we had zero accidents, and he wore underwear for three hours in the afternoon.

We’ve got a ways to go yet, I’m still not confident enough to take him on a longer trip in the car without a diaper, but at home he’s diaper free. 🙂


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