9 Month Update!


Zane is 3/4’s a year old. And he is a CHUNK. He wears mostly 18 month clothing, the occassionaly 12 month carter onsie will still fit as long as he isn’t wearing a cloth diaper.


I think the only reason he isn’t walking as capably as Cade was at this age is because I haven’t been able to help him practice as much as I was able to do with Cade. He still walks, the determined booger, and the frequent falls do not deter him. He does like to grab a fist full of my pants in one hand and walk along side of me. Or push Cade down the road in Cade’s little car. He is, as I said, determined.


In the meantime, his crawl has sped up and he can haul tail when he bearcrawls outside. He gets into everything. One of his favorite places to crawl is, unfortunately, underneath my car. So I spend half of my time outside either fishing him out from under the spare tire or attempting to head him off before he bonks his head on the exhaust. 


And he EATS anything! Flowers, mulch, a garden snail (we rescued the snail, but I don’t know if it survived the saliva bath), chalk….he doesn’t just munch on them, oh no, I have opened some unusual diapers… And it boggles my mind because he still doesn’t have any teeth to with which to chew his unconventional diet. Not a single pearly gleam mars his shining pink gums. He chews, and drools, and sucks his thumb…and still has no teeth.


He does this fish flop thing when he’s trying to fall asleep or just waking up. He keeps his hands by his side while laying on his belly and then he arches his back and kicks his legs while smacking his head on the mattress repeatedly. He looks like a landed fish, it makes me laugh everytime.

He’s still a babbler, shrieking and talking about I don’t know what. And he loves to play games like peek a boo and “so big!” In fact, if you say, “How big is Zane?” he’ll fling his arms over his head and start cackling. It amazes me how much he knows and understands already, and he babbles conversations not only with me, but with Cade which is so sweet to hear.

He is a hoot, my Zane bug. 🙂



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