Speaking Too Soon


I wondered if this would happen. After about 3-4 weeks of succesful potty training the novalty wore off for Cade. He decided he, “No like potty,” and would pee next to it, poop a foot away from it, sit on it then jump up to pee elsewhere….you name it, he did it, but NOT in the potty. I changed over 8 pairs of underwear in one day. After 3 weeks of this, just as I was ready to throw in the towel and put him back in diapers, he pooped in the potty again. While outwardly I threw the, “Yaaaay, poop in the potty!” dance, inwardly a heaved a huge sigh of exasperation-an emotion commonly felt by parents during potty training.

So now we’re still doing potty training. We had a minor breakthrough last night when he ran to the potty and peed while I was out of the room, and then proudly found me to show me the contents. I was thrilled, because it was a substantial amount and I didn’t have to remind him, he did it of his own initiative. This morning I asked if he needed to go potty and he said no immediately (the usual response) but instead of pushing him (my usual response) I did an internal eye roll and decided I just didn’t want to bother this morning. So what does he do? Five minutes later he climbs out of the chair and tries to take his pants off in front of the potty. I assist, he pees – exclaiming happily over the bubbles- and then goes on his way.

Potty training is a slog. Cade knows what to do, is capable of doing it, is aware of when he has to go (he will tell me he has poop stuck in his buns before he runs to anywhere but the potty to take care of business), and he loves his underpants but that doesn’t make this process any quicker. Which is fine. Most messes are outside anyway, and poop in underpants is easier to clean then poop squished in a diaper.

I guess I just decided to let everyone know that life with a 2 year old continues to be typical life with a 2 year old. 🙂


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  1. I’ll tell you the thing that one of my friends told me, when I was worried the twins would never be totally trained… “Very few 30-year-old men s*** their pants, Megan.” Sadly, that was my mantra.

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    • Hahaha! Oh man, having double the training must’ve been fun. 😛 Honestly, since I cloth diapered Cade there really isn’t much difference between changing diapers and changing underwear-the poop is actually considerably easier! So I just figure he’ll get the hang of it eventually…and in the meantime we stay outside a lot, lol.

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