Zane Bug!


Time is continuing to fly by and Zane bug is now 10 months old. The most exciting thing? He has teeth!!! FINALLY! His two bottom ones broke through one day apart, and he’s working on his top two with his left one juuuuust below the surface. As if to acknowledge his handy dandy new eating accouterments, he has been rejecting the bottle more and more frequently. We have lost three bottle feedings, we’re down to one upon wake up, one before each nap, one after afternoon nap, and one at bedtime. That’s right, only FIVE bottles a day. He looooves food. Not really a surprise since he’ll eat mulch, but now he will actually hightail it across the room to get to me if I start slicing up some fruit or place dinner on the table. He loves his meats-chicken, ground beef, sausage- which I either pulse in the food processor or more often I just prechew it for him a bit. So gross, I know, but it works quicker. He ate almost an entire peach today, plus 3/4 a banana, several bites of ground beef, more bites of chicken, one bite of beef stick, a half piece of homemade bread, and about 1/4 cup of sweet potato cubes.

After much to do we’ve figured out the best sleep schedule for him seems to be a morning nap from 10-11 and an afternoon nap from 2-4 with a bedtime between 710-730. He sleeps more solid (usually) and wakes up later in the morning (usually). He and Cade are in cahoots, however, because when Z wakes up, Cade will wake up within 10 minutes. I don’t care if it’s already 7am, I DO care when it’s only 6…

He is still babbling up a storm, and getting louder and louder with his vocalizations. It is often impossible to determine which kid is yelling inarticulately and Brian and I have both scolded Cade when it was really Zane. At least Cade has frequent examples of his parents apologizing, ha. He’s also clearly demonstrating frustration and annoyance when things don’t go his way-and hes VERY particular about the way things should go, haha. But he’s been my “more particular” baby from the get go.

While Zane is usually effusive with his affection, there is one bagger at the commissary who Zane decidedly does NOT like. The poor man is very sweet, but he gets too close to Zane’s face when talking to him and Zane starts his warning wails and griping and if we don’t leave quick enough he screams. Zane doesn’t mind the invasion of personal space-as long as he’s the one invading. 😛

Also, Zane hates cats. He isn’t overly fond of dogs, but he tolerates them and sometimes chuckles at their antics and face licking. But if he spots a cat (usually the laid back Chico at our neighbors) he goes complete tornado siren on me. I mean, the wail is pronounced, loud, intense, and VERY specific to cat spotting. Zane will keep his stare fixed on the cat, contorting around my shoulders if I pick him up to maintain visual contact, and maintain the all out, purple faced scream. I should add, the cat does not have to be anywhere near him, or even awake. He has never had a “bad” experience with a cat, but he has hated them from the get go, starting with my brother’s cat-whom he met at Thanksgiving-and continuing with any other cat we’ve met. We are slowly attempting to get him used to their presence, but it is slow going. Not a cat person, my Zane bug.

Zane is walking very well for a 10 month old-he is determined to keep up with Cade. He tries to run pretty much daily and gets better and better at it (meaning, he goes farther before falling). He still loves pillows, blankets, stuffed animals and all things soft and fuzzy. He carries around a stuffed hedgehog sometimes, and he has a lamb in his crib he likes to wrestle with on occassion. He has such a cute fully body chuckle and if you really get him laughing he starts intermittently shrieking. I chased him around on hands and knees one day and he was laughing so hard he kept falling over. He finally decided he liked when I “caught” him, so instead of running away he got down on his hands and knees, too. He’d crawl maybe two steps and then flatten out on the ground and kick his feet until I pounced on him and then he’d get up and repeat, it was adorable. 🙂

He’s such a sweet little guy. 🙂


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  1. Zane sounds absolutely adorable! They both do!! I love reading about how they grow and learn. It’s TOO FUNNY about the cats! Hahahaha! Poor guy-i wonder if he would have the same reaction to a Tiger or Lion? 😉

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