Convos with Cade


Cade, pointing at his turky hotdog slices: Goop?!
Me: You want goop on your hotdogs?
Cade, big grin: Yes.
Me: What kind of goop?
Cade, initially stumped: Uhhhhmmmm….um, um… ICECREAM!

Cade, sitting on Brian’s lap, Brian sans shirt.
Cade, peering closely, and then pointing emphatically: Oooo! Hole!!
Brian: Uh, that’s a belly button, dude. You have one to.
Cade, dumbstruck for two seconds, then yanks his shirt up to check.

I love when he tacks on, “of course” to his sentences.

Me: What do you want to watch?
Cade: Elephant Sprinkler (Umi Zumi episode) of course!

Me: What do you want to eat?
Cade: Cheese, of course!

Cade: Mommy! Cade go to MomMom’s house, of course!

Brian: Does the moon speak to you?
Cade: Yes!
Brian: It does? What does it say?
Cade: Um. Blah blah blah!

Cade, observing Brian unwrapping a rollo: Daddy poop in potty get a rollo.

Cade, as he’s running down the hall and diving into his crib for naptime : Blue blanket mommy read so so mad book a small hug a kiss and sing!

I love how children view the world- the pleasure they take in pronouncing new words, the slightly off kilter way they interpret and describe their surroundings, the unintentional ironies and goofiness. I find myself chuckling in my head at half of the daily conversations I have with Cade- not because I think he’s a genius or unusually funny or exceptionally creative- I chuckle because he’s a normal kid with a kid’s perspective on life.

Cade likes: hugs, small kisses, Zane, tape, broccolli, hose, yogurt, rice, bananas, books, tv time, snip snips (scissors), sunshine song.

Cade “not like”: sauce, Zane, bad sausage, too spicey food, nap time, mommy reading (her own book), time out, poop.

He’s a rambunctious little stinker. 🙂


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