11 Month Delay


Zane turned 11 months old over a week ago, and I had been working on a nice long post about his 11 monthness and wordpress ate it. Grr.

I hate rewriting stuff I’ve already written, so this may be a bit shorter.

Zanebug has 4 teeth now and is chomping down anything I put in front of him. Some days he eats so much he doesn’t finish his nighttime bottle. He is, for the most part, sleeping solidly through the night from 745ish to 630-715. As far as physical milestones go, he climbs up steps holding onto rails sometimes instead of crawling, and he keeps trying to do the same coming down (which scares the snot out of me). He manages to maintain a face full of bruises at all times, and he rotates between eyes for black eyes. He climbs into, onto, and through everything, and he runs full tilt with a cute duck waddle, arms flailing. He waves back at me, and he raises his arms to demand up. We’re still working on baby sign, but after a brief stint signing “more” he apparently is no longer interested. He says, “mumummmmumumumummumumum” a bunch, especially if he is unhappy with something, so maybe he’s gearing up to say “Mama” ? He has an earsplitting shriek he lets fly when he’s frustrated. I mean ear splitting. He sounds like a teakettle boiling over onto a feral cat. And he gets frustrated frequently when objects don’t go his way. He’s my, “how does this work?” baby whereas Cade was (is) my, “destroy everything and giggle!” baby. Zane rolls balls, spins wheels, flips toys over to examine the bottom, eats EVERYthing, and bounces, drops, picks up, throws, pokes, peers at, etc., anything he can get his hands on. And if whatever he is playing with DOESN’T do what he wants, he loses his cool rapidly. The thing is, after his cool has been lost, he usually just drops the offending object and finds something else. He is a head spinning mix of volatility and complete nonchalance. It cracks me up, he is his father’s son. The only time Zane really pitches a fit is when he is hungry-then it is babygeddon until something is shoved in his mouth.

He is a snuggle bug, and I love the cuddles. He still does this burrowing type thing where he smooshes his face into my belly with his arms pinned underneath him and just lays there. He sucks his thumb, and if he gets really upset he’ll try and suck both of them simultaneously. He also still occasionally plays with his hair, especially when he’s sleepy. Thank goodness he’s finally figured out that he is attached to his hand and doesn’t yank his hair and scream in surprise anymore. 😛 He is beginning to fight the two nap thing, but isn’t quite ready to go down to one. I’ll be happy to hopefully get some simultaneous napping back (nap straddling sucks for mommy time) but I think I’ll miss the one on one play time that I’ve had with both the boys while the other naps.

Zane’s relationship with Cade has blossomed, and the two of them are thick as thieves. They fight, frequently, but they are also incapable of doing separate things when both in the same room and when separated Cade asks for Zane and Zane tries to break into Cade’s room. It’s sweet, and exhausting as I spend half my day refereeing. Zane is finally old enough to actually PLAY with Cade, from simple chasing each other around, to a little bit of rough-housing (Zane likes trying to grab Cade’s ears), to peek a boo, or taking turns on Cade’s tricycle. I love my little guys. I can’t believe Zane will be a year old next month!


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