Where to begin…


Hey guys, I’m branching out a bit…

Slow Is A Pace...

So, I, uh, have this new blog here and, well, I’d love for you to follow/subscribe and read what I have to say. But no pressure! People have there own lives, I totally get it, busy raising families and making careers and stuff. But, if you get bored or something, you could maybe read a post or two just as something to take your mind of things, right? Just think about it…

What’s it about? Oh. Well, I was kinda hoping you wouldn’t ask because then I’m pretty sure you’re going to either roll your eyes or run away screaming. I’m fine with the eye rolling, heavens knows I’ve done more than my fair share while setting this up. I am so far outside my comfort zone I’m going to need to live in a Holiday Inn Express to make this work-but the thing is, when it’s all said and…

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