“…headed, I fear, to a most useless place.


The Waiting Place…for people just waiting.” -Dr. Seuss.

Cade has been on a “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” kick lately, so random lines will float through my head throughout the day. This particular line describes our current situation perfectly.

The military waiting place.

We were waiting for verbal orders so we could start planning on where we were headed next. Then we got them! Fort Bliss, Texas, here we come!… Most likely, anyway!

So we jumped into action, researching houses, figuring out what needed to be done, trying to scrape together some holiday plans. I went and got the paperwork to turn in our “Intent to Vacate” housing here and contacted the housing office in Bliss. For about 36 hours Brian and I have chatted and clicked and called and texted, hastily compiling a sketch of our next duty station….aaaaaaaannnd now we’re back to waiting.

Waiting on actual orders. And before that is the notification of “request for orders”. Verbals are “Hey, this is where we think we’ll send you!” RFO is “Hey, we actually asked to send you to this place!” and then Orders are, “Get to this place by this time for this long. Period.” SO between verbals and orders the place and time could change. And no, I don’t have any idea how frequently duty stations are changed after verbals, some say frequently, some say infrequently, who knows. But it COULD change. Which means we’re stuck.



Waiting is the hardest when waiting on someone ELSE to get a move on things. And although I am by no means eager to leave (I love it here!) I hate being in limbo. Some people delay ripping the bandaid off, I’m a “there is a bandaid? GET IT OFF RIGHT NOW” type of person. I don’t even care if the wound is healed, I know it’s going to hurt to remove so I want it done immediately so I can get over it. In a nutshell, I’m antsy.

I’ll probably try to find a few more things to pack that we can do without for a few months until I know for sure where and when we’re going….sigh…


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  1. I’m not sure I can “like” this post. But, we love that book 🙂 Emma went through a “Oh! The Places You’ll Go” phase. I’m looking forward to Audrey discovering it in a few months. Good luck waiting…

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