Birthday at the Beach!


Brian has a four day this weekend, so we decided to celebrate Zane’s 1 year Birthday a week early by spending some much needed quality family time on a ROADTRIP!

We headed out to Eglin Airforce Base to check out the museum and then the plan was to drive to Destin to visit the beach. Well, we got sidetracked on our way to Destin by a beach entrance right off the road we were on and decided that was close enough, haha. And it was fabulous!

First, the museum. Now, Cade isn’t even 2.5 yet, and Zane is just a year old, so the museum was almost completely over their heads. BUT I want museums to be a normal part of our “adventures” especially as the military life is going to toss us all over the country so we’ll be able to visit a fair smattering of them. So while both boys were thrilled with the trainer cockpit they let kids climb in, and we practiced making “pew pew” noises in the gun room (Zane thought this was hilarious), it was a quick visit.


We practiced a lot of inside voices, I never managed to completely read a placard outloud, we learned new words like, “propeller” and “atomic bomb” and what little I managed to actually view was intriguing. Including a very not politically correct painting on the side of one of the bombers when you first walk in.


Glad the boys weren’t old enough to ask questions…

Moving on, after some strawberries we piled back into the car in search of a beach. They were a bit cranky-what with the two hour drive in the car already and Zane only taking a 30 minute power nap-so I did what any mom does, and fed them cake. Since we were celebrating Zane’s birthday, albeit a bit unusually, I had made a cake the night before. I chose a lemon poppyseed pound cake because, honestly, I LOVE it. It is SO GOOD. Now, it is definitely not clean eating, but it is always available to fill up my 20% “dirty” eating, lol. It’s made with half a cup of butter and a full cup of sugar, so it’s basically delicious. ANYway, the cake cheered them right up, we found a beach a lot closer than driving all the way to Destin, and we trooped out of the car to introduce the boys to some sun and surf.

Cade went to the beach around 5 months old, but this is the first time he’s been where he was really aware of what was going on. Thanks to books and TV, he had a good concept of what a beach was, and since I mentioned it yesterday he had been saying, “want to go to the beeeaaachhh” pretty much all day. His first comment was that the sand was slippery (on the boardwalk) and then he quickly dissolved into slurred gibberish punctuated with excited MOMMY! MOMMY!’s. He was just beside himself, he LOVED it. He told me after running into the water and back out, “I won, mommy, I won!” Me: “What did you win?” Cade: “I won the water! ALL THE WATER!” ….I wasn’t sure how I was going to explain that we couldn’t take the ocean back home with us…


Zane, poor guy, was so tired by the time we hit the beach, but he perked up with his typical analytical self the minute toes touched sand. Their was pinching, and shuffling, squeezing, poking, kicking, flinging, and finally tasting of this fine white stuff all around. He was less impressed with the ocean, cautiously sliding on his belly down the gentle slope to the water the first time (cracked me up, it was like he was preparing to get off the curb-except he slide on his belly for over a yard down a very gradual slant) and then figuring out he could crawl in and out of it just fine. He did a few splashes, seemingly just to confirm his theory that yes, this was water, and yes, it behaved the same as water in the tub, before he went in search of more sand to eat and a seagull or two to stalk.


We spent about 40 minutes on the beach before calling it a day and heading home, arriving back at the house around 3pm which allowed for a more typical afternoon routine before bedtime. All in all, it was a really great day.

My little Zanebug will officially turn 1 on the 12th. Today I was talking with Cade and he called Zane a baby and I said, “No, Zane is not a baby anymore, he’s a toddler.” Oh man, I had a brief moment. I wouldn’t trade these years for the world.


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