Mushy post ahead, you have been warned.

Teething has been pretty rough on us lately. Cade is getting his two year molars and he went from a happy, silly little boy with the occasional tantrum/meltdown to a highly volatile mess, crying for forty plus minutes at a time over things like, “My bread broke in half!” I’m not exaggerating the time or the excuse, it has been very, very, frustrating the past two weeks. We’ve got one back molar breaking through the gum, and one hovering right beneath the surface-I have a feeling this is going to take awhile.

But this morning I flick on the monitor to check to see if he’s awake and he’s playing underneath his blanket. I go in to get him and he’s all smiles and giggles, talking about wanting, “FIVE MMMahs!” (oatmeals) and something about “Zanebug” and I don’t even know-typical toddler squirrel chatter. Usually he stands up in his crib and demands I pick him up the second I enter the room, but for whatever reason today he remained lying on his back, content to giggle from there. I asked if he wanted me to pick him up and he went, “Not yet!” complete with finger point (a favorite phrase and gesture of his) then he said, “I want a hug!” So I leaned over and scooped my arms beneath and around his little sleep warm body and he wrapped his arms around my neck and articulated very clearly into my ear, “I love you very much, mommy.”

It is hard to have a bad morning after that.


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