Be Back Soon, Mommy


I went to an OCF meeting tonight while Brian watched the kids. When I came back Cade greeted me at the top of his voice with his words tripping all over themselves to “Come see my tower I built for you!” So I sat and played with blocks, I snuggled a super cuddly Zane (who, incidentally, now does this thing where he smacks my chest or neck and goes, “Mama!” and then burrows his face into me-so. stinkin. cute.) and I enjoyed the few minutes we had before bedtime.

During the course of our block play, Cade wanted to go to the kitchen to get his “rocket ship” block formation that I had set on the counter (out of Z’s reach). The kitchen and living room share a wall, so he had to leave my line of sight to get his rocket ship. This followed.

“I’m going to get my rocket ship, mommy, I’ll be back soon.”

Me: “Ok, bud.”

Takes a few steps towards kitchen. Stops, looks back at me, “I be back soon, Mommy. I be right back.”

Me: “Alright, Cade. Go get our rocket ship.”

A few more steps-now into the dining room area. Then a step back towards me, his body language torn about leaving my view. “I’ll be back soon. I’m going to get my rocket ship in the kitchen, mommy.”

Me *trying not to laugh*: “I’ll be right here. I’ll wait for you.”

Cade: “OK” two steps towards kitchen, then turns, “A hug and a kiss before I go.” Runs over and wraps his arms around my neck and gives me a biiiiiig kiss. “Ok, be back soon Mommy.” Almost makes it into the kitchen, see’s Zane in the hallway entrance, “A kiss and hug for Zanebug, too!” Runs over and gives a bemused Zane a hug and a kiss on the forehead. Finally runs to the kitchen to retrieve his rocket ship.

I love my sweet little Caderade.


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