El Paso


So I mostly want to forget about the actual trip-maybe after a few weeks I’ll go into greater detail. Or maybe not. Essentially, it was pretty gosh darn awful. I don’t know how we would’ve survived without my parents coming down to help, from my mom riding in the car with me and two very unhappy toddlers, to dad helping rearrange the packing again, ( and again, and again) to the babysitting while Brian and I escaped the chaos for a bit to get food or check out the possible house or whatever. Cade’s vomiting was replaced with diarrhea he couldn’t control so he ended up in a diaper. Zane just gave up on pooping-and sleeping-entirely. Both boys did really, really well all things considered-but really, really well for a 2.5 and 1 year old in the car for 20+ hours really, really sucks.

About a day after my parents left (having been with us for a week to facilitate this adventure) Zane pooped 5 times in less then 48 hours. He is clearly feeling better.

Cade, however, is still adjusting to this new house, new place, new routine, new room, new EVERYTHING. He asks for his old house daily, he asks for August and Bebe (Vera) to come see his new house or to go to theirs, Grandpa and Grandma K skyped last night (Brian’s parents) and Cade had a mini meltdown because he, “Want to go meet them!” and was devastated when I refused to hop in the car that instant and drive us over. :/ He now sometimes says he like his new house, so we are making progress, but it’s going to take some time.

Brian has completely given up on finances. He’s totally done even trying to make a budget at this point, we just need to be cheap-which is impossible if I am to fly with the kids back for Christmas.

I don’t even have time to figure out how I feel. I like El Paso so far. For one, the view here is beautiful. I really like how enormous the sky looks facing east over the scrubby desert scenery, and to the west-a 10 minute drive from our house-are the Franklin Mountains. I thought I’d miss trees, but nope. I love the exposed, open feel, and the striations in the rock are lovely. Our house is also a lot nicer than the one we had at Rucker. The kitchen is wider AND the washer and dryer are not in it. Score! Much nicer stove, smaller fridge unfortunately, but a bit more counter space and cabinets a thousand times better then the sticky, paint slathered monstrosities we had previously. There is so much to do here, too. Plenty of places to run errands in and malls and I’m sure there are kid friendly places to explore. The commissary is unimpressive. Their produce selection is smaller-big bummer-it is mostly a thousand different BBQ or cilantro flavored everything down the aisles. Yaaay, Texas. The drivers are nuts, and at first the way the highways and frontage roads were laid out were completely confusing. But within that first day of driving I was already figuring out my way around (HUGE shock for me, I still got turned around in Dothan after living at Rucker for over a year). So whoever designed the road system must’ve been ADHD because it makes sense to me. The exits, the mandatory U Turn lanes, the parallel roads, the merges-I got this. Nobody uses blinkers, everyone is going 10 over or 15 under the speed limit, crossing 3 lanes of traffic to get to an exit in 400 feet is normal, half the population is incapable of correctly using an acceleration lane-but nobody honks.

So, house is nicer, city is interesting, view is fantastic, but that’s all I’ve got. I am loving all this time with Brian after over a year of him being gone at flight line or squirreled away in his office studying- but I know he’ll go back to work and I’ll be back to full time mom solo. I’m living mostly in the now. I’m excited about a lot of things, and there is plenty to do around the house to keep me busy-but I’m sort of waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak. The friends I made at Ft Rucker were keepers, and I’m going to miss them a great deal. I’m also even further away from most of my family– although closer to my younger sister than I have been in years!

Anyway, kindof a scattered update, but there you have it. We are officially in Texas (more like Mexico). Tonight I am going to attempt to make friends at an OCF meeting. Eek.


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