Cade: Version 2.5


Two and a half years. Whew. That’s just weird. I feel like I should really stop calling him a toddler-because he doesn’t toddle any more (if he ever did). No, my little man full out runs. And climbs, and jumps, and slides, and swings… From thundering down the hallway on hands and knees to climbing playground apparatus that 4 year olds are cautioned away from by other parents- Cade has maintained his on the go, gotta move energy. We take a walk after dinner on the sidewalk in the neighborhood. It’s a quarter mile to the playground and Cade runs it. And runs most of the way back. Sometimes we pick him up for parts of the way back-but that’s usually because he’s already run so much back and forth between us that he’s probably run over a mile already. His language is increasingly easy to understand, and his concepts get more and more involved. His imagination has taken off and I LOVE it. From building “rocket ships” with his blocks, to giving us imaginary money to buy imaginary things, to the silly, goofy conversations we have during the day. He really is a small boy, not a toddler. He has the grasp of basic logic “If I do this, then this should happen” and tries to twist his understanding of concepts like sharing to suit his needs, “I want that! Share that with me!” (No, you may not have Daddy’s power drill…) *grabbing Zane’s water* “Zanebug is sharing with me, mommy.” (Mhmmm, I’m not sure Zane is doing so voluntarily..)

He is also fully in the two year old phase. Every boundary presented is tested. And tested again. And again. And again. Then he goes to bed, wakes up, and REPEAT. Somedays I feel like he spends most of his time either on the wall in time out or with me “talking” with him about emotions and what they are and how to react appropriately, and no, there is never a good reason to hit your brother in the face with the tape measurer…

BUT my little Caderade is such a sweet, sweet guy. He is all about the hugs and kisses-and not just for himself! If Zane falls Cade’s immediate response is, “MOMMY! Zanebug got a boo boo! Pick him up and kiss him!” He tries to get Zane to calm down if he cries at night. Granted, it’s usually by shouting, “CALM DOWN, ZANEBUG, CALM DOWN!” which isn’t super helpful, but if I go in and tell him to sing a song instead he’ll tell me in the morning, “I sing songs to Zanebug in bed to calm down!” He also always wants to help.  ALWAYS. It gets very hard to think of tasks for him to do, but that is pretty much his favorite thing ever. He’s been, “helping” Brian change out a few light bulbs in the cars and it is ALL he wants to do all day long, “Help Daddy fix his car? Help fix cars? Go outside and help Daddy fix car? Help fix Daddy’s car outside?” It’s like he thinks if he just rearranges the words in his question he may get a different answer. One of the easiest ways to redirect him if he’s whining is to ask him to help do something. Now, it has to be a task that is toddler enjoyable (like, take your underwear to your room) and not toddler boring (put your shoes in the shoes box). I don’t make the rules, so sometimes I suggest the wrong task and we have meltdowns, but hey, that’s life with a two year old.

Since putting him and Zane in the same room the interaction between the two of them has increased. As in, there is more deliberate playing together and less of Zane just ruining whatever Cade is trying to play with. Cade loves to feed Zane and bring him his water, and today he came right up to Zane’s chair, stares intently at Zane, and goes, “Zanebug not talking.”

Not yet, little man, not yet. But when he does I’m sure y’alls conversations will be both the highlight of my day and drive me crazy.

OH! And the singing. Cade loves to sing. He is currently on an, “Itsy Bitsy Spider” kick-but don’t be misled, it isn’t *just* the Itsy Bitsy Spider on repeat. Oh no. There are variations. Sometimes he yells it, sometimes he sings it very slow and monotone, sometimes he shouts it choppily-like a rap, sometimes he whispers it, sometimes he uses the tune but fills it with nonsense words, sometimes he uses accents (of what languages I’m not sure), and sometimes he combines all of the above techniques. The only thing he insists on is that it is, “DOWN came the sun, and dried up all the rain and the itsy bitsy spider climbed up the WATER spout again.” There is no convincing him that the sun comes UP or that the extra WATER in front of spout does not belong. He tells me, “No mommy, you are singing silly words again!” Silly mommy.

I think that’s all for now. I have a billion conversations that happen that I want to record, and I forget them before I manage to write them down, sigh. I’ll try to be better about it, I love the way he thinks at this age. 🙂


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