Thank Goodness for December 26th-31st


As many know, I spent a month living with my parents and shuttling the kids back and forth between their house and my inlaws until the week of Christmas-at which point my husband and everyone else in my family arrived for pure chaos. We arrived back in El Paso on the 28th. We are slowly remembering how to breath. It was great to visit family, and something I think is very important to do for the kids since we’ll be moving all over the place throughout their lives and I want them grounded in family.

But now we’re finally home and we can relax. The flight home was miserable-don’t ask-but we made it! We opened the door and Cade ran around inside, his entire body fizzing with glee and excitement and a slightly manic grin on his face. He is SO HAPPY to be home. And we were greeted with the remnants of the snowstorm that dumped on El Paso. As snow storms go-it really wasn’t, especially when compared to snowy climates like Maine-but as snowstorms in a desert climate it was significant. I mean, for an area that usually sees zero snow, 6 inches is a big deal. Cade LOVED the snow-stepping, poking, scooping, licking…SNOW ALL THE TIME FOR EVERYONE! Zane, on the other hand, whined like an offended cat until someone kindly took  him back inside and removed his snow gear. I think this was mostly due to me putting socks on his hands in place of mittens (which we don’t have) but in general he’s the first of the two to want to return to the stable indoor clime even without snow.

The boys have changed so much over our vacation. Both hit a growth spurt, Cade shot into 3T clothing in length but we’re back to having pants hit the floor since he’s thinned out. He’s also become more articulate and his problem solving capacity has expanded, typical progression for this age (although I still think he’s a pretty smart cookie. 😉 ) Zane has been the game changer, not just with the physical developments (growth spurt plus all four molars) but with his cognitive ability exploding and his social attitude flip flopping. Gone are the days when I was the only one to satisfy his need for a hug, now he’ll crawl into almost any lap and rapidly engage in play with whomever. He’s quick to grab a chair or box to climb on to reach something above his head, and he understands SO MUCH of what you say to him. He follows increasingly complex commands (Please go find and get YOUR water-not your brothers-and place it on the table). And he anticipates my next move when I reach for clothing, or utensils, or even just walk in to certain rooms. Sometimes I think he knows what I’m going to do before I do. He has added a few words to his vocabulary, like “Go” and “Nana” (banana) and he says Unh Unh and Uh huh for No and Yes. He also said, “Coco” -the name of my SIL’s dog- several times.

Speaking of dogs, Cade fell in love with a cock-a-poo named Ginger-technically my SIL Jessica’s husband (Joe)’s dog. Ginger and Coco are the dynamic duo-with Coco being all of the dynamic and Ginger just providing the “hey, there are two of us!” duo factor. But to this reserved, prefer to be cuddling, doesn’t like walks puppy, my exuberant, not always gentle, super fast zoom running son latches on to like a leach. We saw Ginger on the first weekend we arrived and again over Christmas, and everyday in between Cade asked about her. When she reappeared at Christmas all he wanted to do was hold her-and he did a really good job! He even told me at one point that, “I have to be careful because Ginger is fragile.” We have dubbed a similarly colored stuffed puppy “fake” Ginger in her honor, and she is the first toy he habitually carries around. It is so sweet and kind of hilarious all at the same time.

I am so thankful for this breather between Christmas and New Year’s Day. I have so much I want to prep for this coming year-resolutions, plans, goals, whatever you want to call them. But they do take some preplanning work and these few days have been great for that. I love New Year’s Resolutions. 🙂  Also, since we just had Christmas we are continuing to purge the house of unnecessary stuff. Too much stuff, can’t stand too much stuff. I’m even eyeing the bookshelves to see what I can pare down *gasp*. Here’s to less stuff in 2016!

I’ve got to go wake the boys from nap. I’m hoping tonight they actually sleep past 5am (Zane, I’m referring to you…).


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