Decisions, Decisions


We are, to my knowledge, still waiting on the trailer. However, because Greg and his team will be looking to make up for all the delay (they have other houses to work on after ours) he’s going ahead and ordering all the appliances, flooring, etc for the rest of the house. Which means in the past week Brian has received and answered a slew of emails-like over fifty, no joke-verifying what we want and what needs to go where. This has resulted in us changing the refrigerator, losing an inch or so of loft height to accommodate our shower, moving the bathroom wall out 14in to put the hot water heater and electrical box inside (water heater won’t fit under the kitchen counters), changing the shower walls, re-configuring how we are attaching the tv, deciding on a range hood, and a host of other details confirmed, ordered, and decided. Brian is still going over the electrical schematic to see if and where he can place a recessed outlet for the tv and speakers so they are wired directly into the wall, we’ve decided on the light switches we’ll use initially, we still have to figure out how to make the bathroom vanity mirror work with the window (to trim or not to trim?) Basically, we were twiddling our thumbs and getting impatient waiting on the trailer and all of a sudden Brian is rubbing blood shot eyes in front of the computer screen researching range hoods, electrical outlets, etc., and we gave the boys their tablets in Lowe’s to look at cabinet configurations in relative peace. It’s been busy.

When a big event or change or move or anything that I’m anticipating (good or bad anticipation) is set to occur, I am a champ at compartmentalizing and distancing myself from the whole thing until it’s on top of me. With the mindset of, “I’ll make it work/worry about it when it gets here” I can ignore stuff for ages. This makes me a grade A procrastinator, by the way, but it also has it’s perks since I don’t find myself completely wrung out by worry/anxiety/emotion until AFTER said event/change/move has happened. With the tiny house, distancing myself has kept me from feeling overwhelmingly frustrated because I want to be in the house NOW and have wanted to be in said house since we first started talking about it. But standing in our current kitchen, debating what to do with an extra drawer in our tiny house schematic (yes, an EXTRA drawer-and this is with us including a junk drawer!) I had one of those goosebump producing waves of, “OH MY GOODNESS WE ARE GETTING A TINY HOUSE IN A FEW MONTHS.” It was fun, made me giggle like an idiot and even though the feeling has faded somewhat in the hustle of everyday life (I mean, I do also have a pregnancy coming to completion in August, that has also been somewhat on my mind, obviously) it is feeling more “real” every day.

I am praying that this transition doesn’t completely flabbergast the boys too badly. If their track records with travel and vacation are any indication, it won’t be at the beginning that they resist the tiny house, it’ll be a few weeks after we’ve moved in that we’ll start having outbursts and meltdowns and emotional chaos. They really are tough little guys, they did a fantastic job on vacation. Started to get a little rough towards the end with fussing, meltdowns, and attitude, but it was such a whirlwind two weeks I was really expecting a lot worse. The amount of travel they’ve accomplished at their tender ages of 4 and 2.5 is pretty astounding. Cade has been on 19 flights, Zane has been on 16. Together they’ve done at least four 12 hour road trips (Cade’s done a total of 7 (!!) including our initial drive down to ‘Bama, plus 2 more 12 ish hours when he roadtripped with Brian one way up to Va), two 7-9 hour trips (Colorado and back) plus an extra two for Cade when we went to Louisiana before Zane was born, and this past beach trip makes two 5 hour drives for Zane, and four for Cade since we took him to the beach somewhere between 3-4 months old. Add in the countless 1-3 hour trips exploring nearby areas from beaches on the Gulf to national and state parks around Ft. Bliss and the boys are seriously pros at travelling. I think this may be one of those things that make us an obvious military family, haha.

Anyway, that’s all I have as an update for now. We’ll probably head out after nap to look for more items that we need to verify before they get ordered. Can’t believe it is almost June! Initial projection was that the house would be done by the end of July, with the trailer delay I’m pretty sure that’s not gonna happen, but still-so close!!


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