Ants in my Pants


Two things:

One: The AC broke again recently and there was a bit of a kerfuffle over getting someone out to check it and then some finger pointing amongst the technicians and since this is the fifth time the AC has broken (6th time for the unit since the fan broke once while it was on heat not AC) in a year’s time we have been a bit frustrated. Usually we are both pretty “roll with the punches” when it comes to housing simply because we know this one-like the housing we were in at Ft. Rucker- is really old. But honestly, with the hassle of dealing with the housing company here at Bliss, it is not worth the few hundred a month we pocket in BAH to live here. It would DEFINITELY not be worth putting up with all this crap if they were taking all of our BAH. The thing is, if it was a civilian apartment when the AC broke (which we’ve had happen) or our own home (which we’ve had happen) the problem would be FIXED and not left to drag on for a year. But this is a particularly crappy housing company for a military base, so…

Two: I hit third trimester today and I’m nesting. It always strikes me a little differently with each pregnancy -although if I get an overwhelming urge to deep clean a bathroom or hands and knees scrub a floor, watch out I’ll be in labor in a day or two max. This pregnancy it’s been the little things that are bugging me. Like, I have a container of lotion that I have moved three times today because I cannot for the life of me figure out where it HAS to be. It needs a spot, a home, a place to call it’s own… this is true of every toy I pick up, every craft, every pencil. I can’t be in Brian’s room for very long because their are too many homeless cords lolling about. The problem is, without the tiny house I am refraining from buying organizational stuff because we can’t know what will or won’t work until we have the house. Talk about some serious frustration! I am desperate to find homes for every doodad I pick up, but all I can offer them is temporary housing until our permanent abode is complete. It comes in waves- I’ll have a surge of energy and impatience and try to pick up every blessed trinket in this house, and then I’ll retire to the couch and sulk because the task seems insurmountable. Hormones, yeesh.

All this to say-I REALLY cannot wait for the tiny house. I may be anticipating the arrival of the house more than the birth of baby 3PO. Not because I’m not excited about baby’s arrival-I am!! More because I don’t mind being pregnant and am enjoying having curves and feeling all the kicks and squirms- so I don’t feel like rushing the process any…at least not yet. The tiny house I want rushed. The tiny house I want finished yesterday. We finalized kitchen cabinets today and are, ironically, discussing air conditioners with Greg now, ha!

Also, I’ve been asked by several friends about the boys and baby in the tiny house. The boys will be in bunk beds in the gooseneck portion, and the bottom bunk will have a pullout trundle under it for when baby gets older. For the first probably year or so, I will be downstairs on a twin mattress with the baby-I do not feel comfortable taking an infant up and down a ladder into a loft, so downstairs I’ll be. We have been looking into mini cribs and we may put the crib upstairs in one of the lofts after a certain age IF our design for being able to completely close off the loft space from floor to ceiling is doable, but I’m not making any decisions until we are at that point. Truth is, babies stay babies for such a short amount of time. Even if we manage to keep this one in a crib until two (something I don’t think either big brother made it to, ha) that’s only two years.

We’ve also been asked about, ahem, “married people time”-which is actually a question asked frequently in the full timers RV group, lol, and most answers seem to revolve around waiting for the spin cycle of the washing machine. 😛 There were other solutions offered, and honestly nothing crazier than strategies I’ve heard from plenty of parents with small children, haha.

Any other questions? Please help distract me until we finally get our home!




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