I Feel You


I feel you, little wiggler.

Squiggle jiggling in my belly. Topsy turvy, throwing punches, pushing boundaries already.

I know that it’s been crazy and you hear me talk, talk, talking to your brothers and your daddy and to dear God for some more patience.

I feel you when you’re sleeping, lying heavy, snuggly still, squirrelled down tight in my middle, floating easy.

I know I’m moving, hustle bustle, doing life that you can’t see yet-but I feel you.

Little one, I already love you, and my thoughts sneak slip you in between the hurry and the hassle in our happy hectic home.

You belong, my tiny thumper, with your flips and flops and pokes, as your brothers pat my belly with sweet questions and silly sounds. They feel you.

Your daddy knows you. He’s already planning, number crunching for your life, nothing but the best for those that are his-and you are. He feels you.

Sneaky ninja, I feel your tiny flutters, subtle nudges, as I lay awake at night. I treasure our conversations, our few quiet moments uninterrupted. I love to feel you, you are precious, you are special, you are mine in a way no one else is.

Baby, baby, I do feel you, we all do.


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